Dream Driven: Exclusive Interview With Dr. Jun Wang, Executive Director of Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)

Published: Mar 20, 2013

by Richard Daverman, PhD

March 20, 2013 -- ChinaBio® Today recently had the chance to interview Dr. Jun Wang, a co-founder of China’s sequencing giant, BGI-Shenzhen. Dr. Wang was named Executive Director of the company at the young age of 32. The company works with many of the big pharma and has established several major international partnerships. The driving force behind these relationships, according to Dr. Wang, is always the science. “We are a dream-driven organization,” he says. The dream is the promise of genomic science to improve human life, and BGI seems willing to enter any partnership that will advance genomic science, even if it doesn’t necessarily represent a profit opportunity. More details....

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