Dr. Willcox Presents Study at Heart Rhythm Society: When Reviewing Heart Monitor Data, Human Technicians Outperform Artificial Intelligence by Over 200 Percent

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A pilot study led by Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute's (AHVI) electrophysiologist Mark E. Willcox, MD, found that human-led diagnostic data interpretation outperformed artificiual intelligence (AI) screenings by over 200 percent. As a study initially designed to compare the performance of two common cardiac monitors—the BioGuardian by Preventice and the Carnation Ambulator Monitor (CAM) by BardyDx—Willcox's findings were of such significance as to be presented during the Heart Rhythm Society's annual conference, provoking continued conversations surrounding cardiac monitors' approval process, the relationship between human and artificial intelligence in healthcare and how Willcox's findings will affect the future of cardiology.

Although a pilot study of limited size, the study revealed a significant difference in diagnostic accuracy that researchers attributed to the cardiac monitors' different data screening processes. Data collected by the BioGuardian monitor are first screened by an algorithm, with significant findings passed to a human technician for review. By contrast, the CAM monitor's data are initially scanned by a human technician, who is then assisted in recording and tracking irregularities by an AI. Researchers posit that algorithms are at a disadvantage for early detection, as their identification system is limited to noticing pre-defined sequences.

Although the Willcox study's results indicate the superiority of human-led screenings, AI and algorithms shouldn't be thrown out of the doctor's office just yet. As health monitors become more common among members of the public—such as those found popular fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch—AI is predicted to be instrumental in reviewing massive data collections and providing early disease screenings. While a trained human mind is still cardiology's most powerful diagnostic tool, developing more sophisticated algorithms to automate cardiac screenings is the predicted future of cardiology.

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Gina M. Lindsey

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