Developing Client Relationships as a Quality Control Consultant

Published: Nov 27, 2009


Quality control consultants can be found in many industries today. One of the duties of the Quality Control Consultant is to establish and maintain good client relationships for the company as a whole. This important duty needs to be implemented in any business because good working relationships with clients can mean the very survival of businesses.

Step 1

Create and maintain a system that establishes a company's policies and procedures if this is not already in place. This process includes the company's size, number of offices and employees. There can be five elements to the standards of quality control. These are personnel management, monitoring, objectivity, integrity and client relationships. Maintaining a current policy and procedure manual includes keeping information and technology up to date.

Step 2

Review client records in order to maintain control of unethical customers. Client relationships are a vital area of quality control. Establishing excellent client relationships ensures continued success for the business. An example of this is to minimize the amount of customers that do not pay their bills in the accounting department or valuating a client's needs in insurance. If a customer continually files claims, that customer risks cancellation of his policy. It is the quality control consultant who will work alongside the company and the client in bringing them together for a harmonious relationship.

Step 3

Maintain a safe working environment. This is important to the clients as well as the employees as many clients will come to a company for various reasons and if they get hurt, it could lead to a lawsuit. In addition to establishing harmonious working relationships, the quality control consultant works in the company's best interests to reduce any factors that could ultimately harm the company legally.

Step 4

Maintain records of each client to ensure that there is a clear cut understanding of that particular client's needs. It is much more appealing for a company to be able to speak to clients on a first name basis and mention what they need. This makes a client feel very comfortable and recognized as a good customer and goes a long way toward establishing client relationships in the scope of quality control.

Step 5

Adhere to the standards of quality control that will be geared toward the type of company the consultant is working for. Keep in mind that different companies have different forms of quality control standards that are utilized in a more precise manner for that trade. Client relationships are more detailed, depending on the type of industry the quality control consultant works in. Each company has forms and paperwork that are individualized for the company itself.

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