Denator AB Expands Asian Distributor Network as Number of Labs Adopting Heat-Stabilization Technology Continues to Grow

Published: Dec 13, 2011

Gothenburg, Sweden -- Denator AB announced today the signing of agreements with three distributors in the Asian market. Bio-xplorer International Ltd (China), Bosung Scientific (Korea) and GenDiscovery Biotechnology (Taiwan) will market, sell and support sell Denator’s range of products that stabilize tissue samples from the crucial moment of sampling. The company first became active in the Asian market in 2010, when AMR Inc. became the sole distributor in Japan.

A growing number of peer-reviewed publications, particularly from protein research laboratories, is demonstrating the increased acceptance of Denator’s proprietary heat-stabilization technique as an essential step in upstream sample preparation. Scientists use the company’s Stabilizor™ system to instantly and permanently stop biological changes, thereby preventing the enzymatic processes that alter protein states and cause protein degradation. Tissue samples can then be analyzed downstream without risk of sample degradation or changes in protein and peptide profiles.

Olof Sköld, CEO at Denator, stated: “Our mission is to enable researchers around the world to permanently heat-stabilize biological samples at the very moment of sampling. With that ability, they can be confident that subsequent analytical results reflect as closely as possible the in vivo situation that they are studying. The expansion of our distributor network to cover several, rapidly growing Asian markets is a great step forward for us. As leading, well-respected distributors of life sciences research products, we believe that our new partners are well positioned to drive the adoption of the heat-stabilization technique in their regions.”

About Denator

Denator AB is a privately held biotech company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Denator develops and markets products that stabilize biological tissues and fluids from the moment of sampling. Stabilization and standardization of sampling processes upstream significantly enhances the quality of data obtained from analytical techniques used downstream. Based upon the company’s proprietary heat inactivation technology platform, Denator is developing solutions that enable scientists to stop sample degradation instantly and so maintain the stability of sample components throughout the analytical workflow.


Olof Sköld, CEO

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