Delcin Consulting Group Identifies Opportunities for Market Research to Police the Bargain of Outsourcing

Published: Feb 08, 2013

February 08, 2013 -- With the stated goal of sourcing for value solutions for the life science industry, Delcin Consulting Group’s mission moves beyond aspirational to factual. Presenting a new approach to effectively conduct valuation of outsourcing contracts, Managing Director, Catherine Delcin will be speaking at the AIMRI Conference in Barcelona on March 8, 2013. Introducing the anticipated presentation is an editorial in the AIMRI Newsletter.

According to Delcin “Market research organizations have an opportunity to help ensure that relative worth of services being outsourced are properly allocated and managed. Rudimentary specialization and cross-function coordination is required to validate such decisions and further development of metrics that monitors its relative effectiveness across time. That is the function of the market research institutions, a task that they have been proven to be equal to for centuries on end.”

About Delcin Consulting Group

Delcin Consulting Group leverages unparalleled experience in three specific areas: Legal, Business, and Life Sciences. We provide a niche offering through the expertise and experience of our consultants. Our approach is to provide end-to-end consulting services. We are involved in every step of any project from assessment and advisement to execution. Utilizing our past and existing consulting relationships with Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies, we have cultivated breadth of experience that affords our clients unique insights. For more information visit:

About Catherine Delcin

Catherine Delcin, Esq., has several years of experience consulting in life sciences, business and law. She has a proven track record of exceptional project management, presentation, authoring skills, maintaining and developing work plans and deliverables, and assuring that budgets and timelines are successfully met. Due to her community service oriented disposition, Catherine is involved with various organizations legal and life science organizations in leadership and contributing member capacities respectively.

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