Defined Health and Communitech Market Intelligence to Collaborate on the 23rd Annual Cancer Progress Conference

Published: Oct 06, 2011

MORRISTOWN, NJ – Oct 5, 2011 -- Defined Health is pleased to announce our collaboration with Communitech Market Intelligence to produce the Twenty-Third Annual Cancer Progress Conference, which will be held at the Westin New York at Times Square on March 6th-7th 2012.

Communitech first launched Cancer Progress in 1985, and the conference has gained the utmost respect throughout the industry over the years. The typical audience consists of 150 senior executives from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, not-for-profit cancer associations and investment firms. Cancer Progress has an outstanding reputation and provides excellent opportunities for direct interaction with leading cancer researchers, clinicians and senior executives from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, academic and investment arenas.

Oncology is one of Defined Health’s most active areas of research. Defined Health’s consultants regularly assess the clinical and commercial potential of compounds and technology platforms in development for the largest of pharma and biotech companies, pre-revenue stage biotechs, specialty pharma and private equity and royalty investors. “Defined Health is pleased to have the opportunity to build upon Communitech’s great success in running this outstanding conference by bringing to bear our rich knowledge of the cancer space. After attending myself for the past ten years, it is a great honor and very exciting to now be planning the program, with input from the acade mic and industry advisors who have admirably contributed to the program over the course of its history,” remarks Jeff Bockman, PhD, who heads up Defined Health’s cancer practice.

The 2012 program includes the following speakers, to date:

Kenneth C. Anderson, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Carlos Arteaga, MD, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Steven Averbuch, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Robert C. Bast, Jr., MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Paul Chapman, MD, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Carolyn Compton, MD, PhD National Cancer Institute

Carlo M. Croce, MD, Ohio State University Medical Center

Paul B. Fisher, MPh, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Felix Frueh, PhD, Medco Health Solutions

Julio Gagne, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Richard Gaynor, MD, Eli Lilly and Company

Jeremy Goldberg, JPG Healthcare LLC

George S. Golumbeski, PhD, Celgene Corporation

Colin Hill, GNS Healthcare

Philip W. Kantoff, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Brian Leyland-Jones, MD, PhD Emory Winship Cancer Institute

H. Kim Lyerly MD, FACS, George Barth Gellar Professor of Cancer Research

Tak Mak, PhD, Ontario Cancer Institute; University of Toronto

Neal Rosen, MD, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Robert J Schneider, PhD, NYU School of Medicine

Debra Schrag, MD, Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Laura K. Shawver, Ph.D. The Clearity Foundation

Mark J. Simon, Torreya Partners LLC

David Weng, MD, PhD, TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals

John Wigginton, MD, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Jedd Wolchok, MD, PhD, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

George D. Yancopoulos, MD, PhD, Regeneron Research Laboratories

Cancer Progress registrants are invited to attend the 7th Annual Szent-Gyorgyi Prize Award and Dinner Reception on Tuesday evening following the first day of the conference. The Szent-Gyorgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research is awarded annually by the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) to a scientist who has made an extraordinary contribution to cancer research that has led to long-term benefits to cancer patients. Prior year awardees have included: Beatrice Mintz, PhD, Peter K. Vogt, PhD< B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">, Ronald A. DePinho, MD, Carlo M. Croce, MD, Webster K. Cavenee, PhD, and Harold F. Dvorak, MD.

About Defined Health

Founded more than 25 years ago, Defined Health ( is a leading biopharmaceutical business development strategy consulting firm whose clients include large and mid-sized pharma, large cap and emerging biotech and specialty pharmaceutical companies. Defined Health's consultants hold advanced degrees in science, medicine and business, and have industry experience in business development, commercial evaluation, finance, licensing, drug discovery and R&D.

About Communitech

Communitech Market Intelligence ( is an information networking organization, supplying technology, investment and market intelligence to the health care, biotechnology, and finance industries. Communitech serves as a conduit through which health care and investment executives access information and communicate with high ly regarded figures in medical research and strategy. Communitech’s primary medium is the running of conferences which provide executives with provocative, informative presentations and productive contacts within industry and research.

About NFCR

For nearly four decades, the National Foundation for Cancer Research ( has been committed to discovery-oriented scientific research -- Research for a Cure -- for all types of cancer. We believe that in order to fully conquer this devastating disease, we must encourage innovative scientists to study cancer at its most fundamental level. Our funding of over 50 laboratories worldwide has led to some of the most significant breakthroughs in cancer research, including new approaches such as targeted cancer therapies.

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