Cytogel Pharma (Cytogel) Announces Initial Results From its First Human Study, Part of the Phase I Program for Cyt-1010

Published: Mar 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 -- Cytogel Pharma, LLC. is pleased to announce today that they have completed analysis of the initial results from a Phase I study of Cyt-1010 in humans. Cyt-1010 is a proprietary compound and a chemically stabilized analogue of endomorphin 1, a naturally occurring pain modulator.

This trial was designed as a safety study in normal healthy volunteers and as such there were no deaths or serious adverse effects reported. The trial included additional tests to measure sensitivity to painful stimuli. Cyt-1010 is being developed for the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions, including neuropathic pain. These conditions represent areas of significant unmet clinical needs.

About Cytogel Pharma

Cytogel Pharma, LLC. is a biopharmaceutical development company based in Darien, Connecticut, focused on developing promising early-stage programs that offer significant potential both as platform technologies and high value product candidates. The company's portfolio includes novel analgesic product candidates and broadly useful polymer and hydrogel drug delivery platform technologies. Cytogel will develop products from these platform technologies to the point of demonstrated value and then license these products to other larger companies for the full scientific and clinical development and subsequent commercialization.

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