Curewize Successfully Completed Clinical Trial on Lab Test Revealing Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patients' Optimal Treatment Regimen

YOKNEAM, Israel, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --Curewize Health Ltd. is a leader in the field of personalized medicine capable of providing diagnostic solutions to address major unmet market needs, across several types of cancer. Curewize successfully completed the clinical trial of its lead product ProALLBM on a cohort of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients from a European National Registry Study. ProALLBM is being produced for deciding on ALL patients risk-based treatment group, varying from standard to intense. Curewize solution reveals patients' prognosis by use of one bone marrow sample taken at diagnosis; compared to the current gold standard lab tests, which require 1 to 3 months for results and between 2 to 4 bone marrow aspirations.  ProALLBM adds unique insight on ALL patients relapse risk, also identifying very high risk patients who succumb to cancer relapse, even with the intense treatment regimen. Newly approved cancer drugs may be the most optimal treatment choice for these refractory patients.

Curewize CTO, Dr. Nir Dotan: "Now that the clinical standardization of ProALLBM is completed, we will produce the lab test and offer for trial utility to the National Oncology groups. ProALL can reach many patients at an expedited pace through acceptance of the lab test by the national organizations."

Curewize CEO, Dr. Jennifer Yarden: "The successful clinical trial of our lead product paves the way for our product portfolio. Our plan is to create a large menu of lab tests by industrializing biological markers with good proof of concept using our platform technology."

About Curewize: Curewize product portfolio is based on its platform technology for quantifying microRNA, the master regulators of gene activity. Curewize pipeline includes a blood test, ProALLBL , for long-term and frequent monitoring of ALL patients, and a companion diagnostic lab test for deciding on the treatment of solid cancers with NAMPT and PARP inhibitors. Our biomarker directly controls NAMPT activity, a producer of cell energy, consumed by PARP for correcting DNA breaks in rapidly growing cancer cells. Curewize is a private company, owned by the co-founders Youdim Pharmaceutical Ltd., Dr. Jennifer Yarden and Mr. Ossie Weitzman. Curewize started its activity through the incubator program in June 2015 and due to its successful results is now continuing with an additional year under the Israeli Innovation Authority grant program.


        Dr. Jennifer Yarden 



SOURCE Curewize Health Ltd

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