CURE Pharmaceutical Announces Positive Findings from Study at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) Using CURE’s Proprietary

  • CURE’s Patented and Proprietary OTF Vitamin D Found to be More Effective than Standard Supplementation in Achieving pre- and post-Surgery Vitamin D Sufficiency Necessary to Reduce Immune-Mediated Damage such as Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)
  • CCHMC to Seek Formulary approval for CURE’s OTF Vitamin D Supplement in its Hospital Formulary

OXNARD, Calif., May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings (OTC: CURR), a developer and manufacturer of innovative delivery formulations for drugs, supplements and wellness products, today announced positive finding from a study conducted at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) using CURE’s proprietary, single dose, oral, 40,000 IU vitamin D (branded ImmunD3™ Nutri-Strips™ in the retail wellness market) in pediatric patients before stem cell therapy. CURE’s oral Vitamin D supplement was found to be more effective than standard supplementation in achieving pre- and post-surgery vitamin D sufficiency, which is critical for reducing immune-mediated organ damage in the children receiving HSCT.

To view the details of this study, visit the poster presentation on CURE’s website at

“The findings for our proprietary, oral thin film Vitamin D, which we brand as ImmunD3 NutriStrips, is quite remarkable for its ability to improve bone health and reduce complications in pediatric patients and brings additional hope to the parents and their children who undergo HSCT stem cell therapy, for life-threatening diseases,” said CURE Pharmaceutical CEO Rob Davidson. “If we can reduce the risks of complications by bringing these children up to optimal Vitamin D levels before surgery, and in the acute post-transplantation period, we’ve helped to reduce pain and suffering and potentially saved lives.”

Next Steps: Adding CURE’s oral Vitamin D to Formularies Nationwide
Since previous attempts to improve vitamin D deficiency in these young patients using additional doses and/or higher dosing of enteral vitamin D are often not successful, CCHMC is working with its Formulary to add CURE’s NutriStrip Vitamin D formulation to its list of approved treatments.

Davidson added: “We are also pleased that the CCHMC team found these results to be so compelling as to commence the process to include what we call “ImmunD3 Nutri-Strips™” in their hospital’s Formulary. In light of this advancement, we plan to reach out to other children’s hospitals around the U.S. in order to share these compelling findings and seek the addition of our proprietary Vitamin D into their Formularies.”

Using CURE’s proprietary delivery technology is important because it overcomes the numerous barriers that impede adequate replacement with conventional vitamin D therapy. Some of these obstacles include:

  • malabsorption secondary to gut GVHD
  • the inability to take capsules
  • Mucositis
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Infection

More About the Study
The CCHMC study found that compliance and tolerance likewise improved, with patients and parents expressing a preference for the strips. The median age of the study cohort was 8 years, with a range of 1-28 years old, dosing varied significantly, from 1 strip monthly to 4 strips weekly and all patients showed improvement in serum vitamin D levels by week 4 on study. The median vitamin D level at baseline was 29.4 ng/mL, significantly improved (p Median vitamin D level at baseline was 29.4 ng/mL, significantly improved (p 0.0001) to 5.5ng/mL at the end of the study).

About Vitamin D and Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Patients
Vitamin D is essential for bone health and has immunomodulatory properties. Most pediatric patients are vitamin D insufficient (<30 ng/mL) before HSCT. Standard supplementation strategies fail to achieve vitamin D sufficiency in the acute post-transplantation period, and there are scarce data to support optimal vitamin D supplementation in this patient population. This study, the poster of which can be found here: sought to evaluate whether a single, oral, weight-based ultra-high dose of vitamin D was more effective than standard supplementation in achieving pre-HSCT vitamin D sufficiency and reducing the incidence of HSCT-related complications (acute graft-versus-host disease, veno-occlusive disease, and/or transplant-associated thrombotic microangiopathy) that are associated with immune-mediated endothelial damage. Secondary endpoints examined the immunomodulatory properties of vitamin D.

About CURE Pharmaceutical
CURE Pharmaceutical® is the pioneering developer of CUREform™, a patented drug delivery platform that offers a number of unique immediate- and controlled-release drug delivery vehicles designed to improve drug efficacy, safety, and patient experience for a wide range of active ingredients. Among CURE’s key products is its oral thin film, 40,000 IU dose Vitamin D, (Branded Nutri-Strips™ in the Retail Market). Each strip is hermetically sealed in airtight, grab-and-go packaging to eliminate chemical and structural breakdown and provide superior potency. Nutri-Strips™ are available online at
As a vertically integrated company, CURE’s 25,000 square foot, FDA-registered, NSF® and cGMP-certified manufacturing facility enables it to partner with pharmaceutical and wellness companies worldwide for private and white-labeled production. CURE has partnerships in the U.S., China, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and other markets in Europe.

Forward Looking Statements
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