Cryo Innovations Cryotherapy Chamber Used for Surprise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., /PRNewswire/ -- Cryo Innovations, U.S manufacturer of the safest and most technologically advanced whole-body cryotherapy chamber, was seen yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when their XR Chamber was used to run a live cryotherapy session. This marks the third episode of Ellen's 16th season - watch the clip here.

Mark Wahlberg spoke about using cryotherapy after working out during his appearance on the show this past Wednesday. Wahlberg's talk of this "chill therapy" lead to a request for an actual chamber for a following episode. On yesterday's episode Ellen surprises one of her executive producers by sending him into the sub-zero chamber on the spot. A standard negative 230 degree Fahrenheit, three minute session was carried out by Cryo Innovations CEO, Keith Scheinberg resulting in a comical episode.

"Here at Cryo Innovations, we were thrilled to see the newest of our cryotherapy chambers, the XR, on one of the top national television shows," Scheinberg shared. "We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being on the show and look forward to her viewers seeing what cryotherapy has to offer."

Cryo Innovations is proud to have developed the only chamber available that combines biometrics, thermal imaging, and 8+ on-board safety monitoring features into one completely U.S. made, cutting-edge product. Designed from inception in Newport Beach, California, Cryo Innovations XR Chamber is not only the most advanced and safest unit but promises the highest efficiency and quality guarantee.

About Cryo Innovations:
Cryo Innovations was founded in 2015 by CEO, Keith Scheinberg. With a commitment to health, healing, and longevity through anti-inflammatory treatments and equipment, their team has created the XR™ cryotherapy chamber.

About Cryotherapy:
Cryotherapy is a wellness treatment that uses below freezing temperatures to aid the body in recovery. Cryotherapy is said to optimize health by reducing pain, bolstering immune systems, providing a full-body detox, increasing collagen production, reversing the signs of aging, and tackling cellulite among myriad other benefits.

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