Cresset Chemical Company Establishes New Versaphor Division to Provide High-quality Desktop Products

Published: Mar 03, 2010

Welwyn Garden City - Cresset today announced that it has launched Versaphor, a new desktop applications division aimed at supplying high quality tools based on its molecular Fields technology to a range of markets, including: medicinal chemists, patent teams (internal and external counsel), pre-clinical safety teams and in-licensing teams.

Versaphor’s Field-based tools enable companies to find smarter answers to their chemistry questions and make quicker, better-informed decisions about which molecules deserve investment of time, effort and capital. Versaphor’s first products are medicinal chemistry and patent specific versions of the FieldStere bioisostere generator. The Medicinal Chemistry application allows medicinal chemists to generate highly innovative ideas for drug-like lead molecules in new areas of chemical space. The Patent application enables patent attorneys to identify and more accurately evaluate the ‘obviousness’ of new chemical filings and to develop stronger patent filings covering a wider range of structural diversity. Cresset’s Field-based tools have successfully been used by Computational Chemists for over 8 years to predict and compare the activity and properties of their lead compounds. Instead of relying on 2D structure, Cresset uses the Fields around molecules to assess their likely biological activity and properties, regardless of structural similarity. Cresset’s Fields provide an accurate, highly-condensed representation of the nature, size and location of the critical properties required for binding and instigating a specific therapeutic effect.

“The Versaphor division will develop Cresset’s core technology into market-specific applications, enabling diverse groups in pharmaceutical and biotech companies to realise the full benefits of Field based chemistry” said Bea Leigh, Chief Executive Officer, Cresset. “We will deliver tailored desktop applications through Versaphor, whilst continuing to focus on the developing needs of the computational chemistry market through Cresset.”

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About Cresset Group Ltd

Cresset develops software for calculating and comparing the molecular Field characteristics of chemical compounds. Field technology uses the surface properties of molecules to evaluate their activities and properties, rather than relying on 2D structure similarity, which enables Cresset’s users to find more interesting, novel and relevant results than other methods. Cresset’s Fields provide a smarter, structure independent way of hit-finding, lead switching and lead optimization in drug discovery and other chemistry-based research projects. Cresset’s Computational Chemistry products have integrated support for distributing computing, workflow implementations and flexible licensing. Cresset’s Field technologies have been successfully applied to a very wide range of target classes, with and without structural information, on over 80 projects for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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