CoreValve, S.A. Establishes ReValving(TM) As Repeatable, Pure Cath-Lab Procedure For PAVR On A Beating Heart: No Cardiac Assistance (Neither Mechanical Assistance, Drug-Induced Hypotension Or Rapid Pacing) And No Surgical Vessel Cut-Down

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CoreValve ( announced today that its patented ReValving System, consisting of a breakthrough 18-French-sized delivery catheter, was used to percutaneously implant its proprietary porcine pericardial tissue bioprostheses over the severely diseased aortic heart valves of four consecutive high-risk patients: two at the HELIOS Heart Center (HHC), Siegburg, Germany, by Prof. Eberhard Grube, and two at the University of Leipzig (Germany) Heart Center, by Prof. Gerhard Schuler.

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