CopperTouch Launches New Hand Held Antimicrobial Bar

NORTH BRANCH, Minn., Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CopperTouch launches new hand held antimicrobial bar.  Just as hospitals are now putting in place many types of copper products that help prevent germs and bacteria from growing and spreading, CopperTouch has now joined in the microbial fight.  They have created a beautiful hand held copper piece, designed for personal use to help ward off the germs and bacteria people contract in everyday living. 

Scientists have known for many years that copper carries antimicrobial properties—bacteria killing power.  CopperTouch has harnessed that power into one small, sleek bar that can be carried and used anywhere.  Just rub it on your hands and the natural properties of copper start to break down germs.   No need for water, chemicals or soap.

The Science:  Copper kills microbes when a direct interaction between copper's surface and the bacterial outer membrane causes the membrane to rupture.  With holes in the outer membrane, the cell loses vital nutrients and water, causing a general weakening of the cell.  Every cell's membrane, including that of a single cell organism like bacterium, is characterized by a stable electrical micro-current.  This is often called "transmembrane potential," and is, literally, a voltage difference between the inside and the outside of the cell.  When bacterium comes in contact with a copper surface, a short circuiting of the current in the cell membrane can occur.  This weakens the membrane causing a rupture which creates holes.  After membrane perforation, copper can inhibit any given enzyme that stands in its way, and stop the cell from transporting or digesting nutrients, from repairing its damaged membrane, from breathing or from multiplying.

Our inventors and scientists are leading the way in new efforts to stop microorganisms responsible for common illnesses.  E. Coli, MRSA, Norovirus, Salmonella and Listeria to name a few.   CopperTouch will send toxin-producing bugs away for good.  We stand behind our research, and this revolutionary product will prove our reputation is secure.

The CopperTouch Bar can be carried in your pocket or your purse.  It is an amazing invention that will take sanitizing to a whole new level.  Caregivers will love the extra security knowing they are spreading fewer germs to residents, their families and themselves.  Parents will be able to bring one to work, or send kids off to school with extra protection from bacteria that can make families sick.  CopperTouch continues to strive for perfection while advancing in our search for the products that make life better for everyone.

For more information about CopperTouch or to order online go to, or call 1-833-4NOGERMS. 

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