CoPilot Provider Support Services Moderates Oncology HUB Panel at 10th Association for Value Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) Summit


NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y., Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Charles A. Stevens, JD, MBA, Chief Operating Officer of CoPilot Provider Support Services, a market leading provider of technologically advanced healthcare access solutions, moderated a panel exploring the future of oncology reimbursement support HUBs.

The panel was the idea of Burt Zweigenhaft, the founder of AVBCC and was attended by a virtual audience of over 1,200 industry leaders, life-science companies, oncology healthcare professionals, payers and patients.  The panel took place on November 2, 2020.

"CoPilot's expertise in developing and implementing forward thinking reimbursement support HUBs is one of the reasons why we were selected to moderate this important panel," said CoPilot CEO & Co-Founder Nuaman Tyyeb.  He added, "The CoPilot team has many years of experience in understanding the uniqueness of the oncology reimbursement market and how future policies will shape the design of oncology reimbursement HUBs." 

In addition to Stevens, the panel consisted of four industry leading experts in oncology patient support services, reimbursement and payer policy.  Panelists included Jodie McVan VP of Agency Services and Operations at COEMIRA, Susan Raiola the President of Realendpoints, Elizabeth Oyekan, PharmD, VP Access Experience Team at PRECISIONValue and Kelly Franchetti, RN, CCRN, CEN, the SVP of Global Patient Insights & Strategy at Yprime.  The panel discussed topics of interest to the oncology provider, patient consumer and patient care-partner communities, such as the impact that COVID has had on patient access, future digital enhancements within reimbursement HUBs and copay accumulators & maximizers.

Panel moderator and CoPilot's Chief Operating Officer Chuck Stevens, added, "The panel topic that Burt and the AVBCC team selected was incredibly timely.  The world of access to oncology medications is rapidly changing based on the amount of treatment options and advancements in immunotherapy.  Payer scrutiny and the imposition of added authorization hurdles can make access to treatment more difficult for patients."  Stevens, who has been responsible for developing pricing and reimbursement strategies for oncology products and served on a manufacturer consortium that led to the expansion of CMS accepted oncology compendia, went on saying, "Co-pay accumulators, maximizers and drug exclusion lists are some of the new obstacles that are being used by payers and PBMs.  Oncology reimbursement HUBs are a critical support service to help stakeholders navigate the everchanging access landscape."

About CoPilot:

CoPilot Provider Support Services is a customized supplier of provider and patient focused reimbursement programs (HUBs).  CoPilot utilizes a proprietary, industry leading technology platform that ensures that bio-pharmaceutical clients receive accurate real world data, intelligence and program information.  Learn more at or contact Jennifer Garcia at


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