Compliance at Hovione, Annual Inspection Review

LOURES, Portugal, March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Hovione announced today that in the last year their manufacturing facilities were the object of eight inspections, performed by different Health Authorities. The inspections revealed that all Hovione sites were in compliance, this reflects a solid Quality System and a vibrant Quality Culture.

This is the first press release that reports on the outcomes of inspections in the previous year. This will now be a regular commitment, it is another feature of our commitment to transparency.

Hovione inspections during 2017

    Site         Authority                             Date                                 Type of inspection                        Outcome
    ----         ---------                             ----                                 ------------------                        -------

    Portugal     Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Jan 2017                             PAI for an Intermediate Drug Product      GMP certificate granted

    ---          ----------

    Jul 2017     PAI for an Intermediate Drug Product  GMP certificate granted
    --------     ------------------------------------  -----------------------

    FDA,         Mar 2017                              PAI for an Intermediate Drug Product Form 483 - 6 observations - site approved


    Nov 2017     Surveillance inspection               No Form 483
    --------     -----------------------               -----------

    INFARMED,    Jul 2017                              GMP inspection to a new building     GMP certificate granted

    Portugal, EU

    Macau        PMDA,                                 Dec 2017                             GMP inspection                            11 minor observations reported

    ---          -----

    Ireland      Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Jul 2017                             PAI for an Intermediate Drug Product      GMP certificate granted

    ---          ----------

    FDA,         Dec 2017                              Surveillance inspection              No Form 483


"Each inspection at Hovione is considered to be of highest importance for the organization and for our customers. We are considering every audit and every inspection as a learning opportunity to continuously improve our Quality Systems and Operative Mechanisms. The number of inspections and their outcome demonstrate our commitment and capacity in the development of new drugs, and ability to manufacture highest quality products for our customers as well as for millions of patients that we proudly serve together. We are especially happy to share that all of the GMP surveillance inspections were concluded successfully with no form 483 observation," said Joerg Gampfer, Vice President of Quality at Hovione.

"We have a culture of quality that puts patient safety first. These inspections are important steps for Hovione and our customers. They shape our behaviors and motivate us to always improve our services to customers. Hovione has all the ingredients for an outstanding partnership going from clinical programs all the way to commercial supply," added Frédéric Kahn, Vice President Marketing and Sales.

About Hovione

Hovione has over 57 years of experience as a CDMO and is currently a fully integrated supplier offering from drug substance to drug product intermediate to drug product. With four FDA inspected sites in the US, China, Ireland, and Portugal, and development laboratories in Lisbon and New Jersey, the company provides branded pharmaceutical customers services for the development and compliant manufacture of innovative drugs and is able to support highly potent compounds. For generic pharmaceutical customers the company offers niche off-patent API products.

In the inhalation area Hovione is the only independent company offering a complete range of services.

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