Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. Announces Appointment of Richard J. Freer, Ph.D. as Chief Executive Officer

Published: Jul 27, 2010

RICHMOND, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. (CBI, CBTE.OB) today announced the appointment of Richard J. Freer, Ph.D. as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He replaces Dr. Bill Guo who has served as Acting CEO since January of 2009.

Dr. Freer, one of the founders of the company, has served at various times as its Chairman of the Board, Director of Compliance, and most recently as Chief Operating Officer. In addition to his new position as CEO, Dr. Freer sits on the Board of Directors. “These are difficult times for the company but I look forward to working with the Board to restore shareholder value to the best of my ability,” said Dr. Freer.

About CBI

CBI offers cutting-edge research and development products and services to the global life sciences industry. CBI now operates solely through Mimotopes Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, a peptide and discovery chemistry business.

Forward Looking Statements

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