Colorado Biolabs, MFB Fertility sign distribution agreement

LAFAYETTE, Colo., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Colorado Biolabs, Inc. (CBL) and MFB Fertility, Inc. (MFB) are pleased to announce a strategic alliance granting MFB Fertility US distribution rights to Proferrin® Heme Iron Polypeptide, a unique form of iron, for future Proov® brand products.

"As the leader in urine PdG testing to confirm ovulation, we believe MFB Fertility has a great track record of bringing innovative products to market. We look forward to helping their group bring a highly effective iron supplement to Proov® customers" says Colorado Biolabs CEO Adam Kashenberg.

Amy Beckley, Founder and CEO of MFB Fertility, added "this partnership allows us to continue our mission as a woman led company to provide the most relevant products for women in addition to our ovulation tests and PdG tests"

CBL's Proferrin® brand HIP has demonstrated the ability to increase serum iron up to 23x greater than does a traditional iron salt on a mg. per mg. basis.[1] This allows for excellent iron supplementation using far less iron, leading to a stellar GI side effect profile. Additionally, HIP absorption does not require acidification via addition of Vitamin C. This fact is important because co-administration of Iron and Vitamin C have been associated with oxidative stress in the gastric mucosa, which can lead to ulceration. [2]

Proferrin® brand HIP is manufactured in the United States by Colorado Biolabs, Inc. and Proferrin® iron supplements were introduced into the U.S market in 2001. Proferrin® is available in the US, Canada, UAE, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

MFB Fertility Inc. launched Proov® in 2018. Its FDA-approved at-home test measures the presence of progesterone metabolite PdG in urine to help a woman confirm ovulation; low progesterone is the number one cause of infertility and preventable miscarriage. Proov® is available at Target, Amazon, and at

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1 – Seligman, P.A., et al, Nutrition Research, 2000. 20(9):1279-86.
2 – Fisher, A. EO and Naughton, D.P., Nutrition Journal 2004, 3:2

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