CogState Ltd and Merck & Co., Inc. Launch COGNIGRAM™ to Physicians in Canada

Published: Mar 06, 2013

6 March 2013: CogState (ASX.CGS) announced today that the commercial rollout of COGNIGRAM™, its computerized tool that enables accurate detection of early cognitive impairment, to physicians in Canada in conjunction with its partner Merck Canada Inc, has commenced with the first patients to undergo testing this week. This announcement marks the first time that COGNIGRAM™is being used in medical practice, outside the context of clinical trials.

COGNIGRAM™ is now available at eight testing centres in large Canadian cities with full Canadian distribution expected by the end of 2013. After only a short time on the market, over 150 physicians have expressed an interest in referring patients for testing with COGNIGRAM™

COGNIGRAM™ is a sensitive and robust computerized tool that enables accurate detection of early cognitive impairment and the monitoring of cognitive changes. It is meant to help doctors detect the early stages of cognitive decline associated with a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease. When a doctor recommends that a patient takes COGNIGRAM™, the patient is referred to a centre to undertake the computerized test under the supervision of qualified personnel. Following the test, the results are provided to the referring physician.

COGNIGRAM™ currently costs the patient $125 CAD per test session.

Merck Canada retains the exclusive rights to market and promote COGNIGRAM™ in Canada, and since entering the agreement in June 2012 has worked closely with CogState to prepare for the launch. Merck is responsible for marketing and promoting COGNIGRAM™ to physicians and providing information for patients, while the centres manage the testing appointment process.

Brad O’Connor, CEO of CogState said, “Our launch into the general healthcare market is a momentous event for CogState and the first step in driving change in the way physicians manage testing the cognition of their patients, particularly when it comes to detecting the earliest signs of dementia and Alzhiemer’s disease. Canada is an important market and to date we are extremely pleased with the investment Merck has made and with the early interest they are generating in COGNIGRAM™.”

For further information contact:

Kyahn Williamson

Buchan Consulting

+61 3 9866 4722 or 0401 018 828

Brad O’Connor

CogState Chief Executive Officer

+61 3 9664 1300 or 0411 888 347

About CogState

CogState Ltd (ASX: CGS) is a multi-faceted cognitive assessment and training company, focused on the development and commercialisation of rapid, computerised tests of cognition (brain function). It has three distinct business units:

Clinical Trials: In the clinical drug trial market, CogState technology and associated services are used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to quantify the effect of drugs or other interventions on human subjects participating in clinical trials. Since sales into the clinical trials market began in 2004, CogState has secured agreements with top pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Lundbeck, Dainippon Sumitomo, Targacept, Otsuka, and Servier.

Axon Sports: The mission of Axon Sports is to “protect and train the athletic brain”. Axon’s focus is to research, develop and deliver cutting edge tools to assess, monitor and improve the athletic brain.

Axon has been developing sport specific training products, initially focussed on American football and baseball, and the resulting technologies have now been launched within a small number of elite US college programs. In addition, the first of Axon’s consumer iPad apps was launched in 2012.

In the area of sports related concussion, CogState’s technology has been used by a number of highly regarded institutions and sporting organisations around the world for almost 10 years. That technology is now marketed to consumers as Axon Sports. Current users of CogState/Axon Sports in Australia include the AFL and NRL, whilst in the USA elite programs such as the NBA, WNBA, NHL as well as college programs such as University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan and University of Connecticut all use the Axon Sports system.

Healthcare: In the primary care or general practice setting, the CogState’s COGNIGRAM™ assesses cognition in patients and the reports generated on the basis of this assessment can allow physicians to identify subtle changes that could be indicative of the early stage of a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease. CogState intends to develop COGNIGRAM™ to monitor changes in cognitive function following concussion or after treatment with drugs or other types of interventions. In June 2012, CogState entered into an agreement with Merck Canada Inc. providing it with the exclusive right to market and promote COGNIGRAM™ in Canada.

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