Clyraguard: Meet the Industry-Changing PPE Disinfecting Spray with A 99.999% Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Complete Inactivation Of SARS-CoV-2


EIGHTY FOUR, Pa., Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The current state of the world is extremely unknown. With the coronavirus still being a large concern, many businesses, schools, and homes are wondering what they can do to further protect themselves and their loved ones from the spread of this deadly virus. While certain states have begun to lift their stay at home orders, and restaurants, public offices, and retail shops have opened their doors again, there are strict rules that are being enforced to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hand sanitizers, disinfecting sprays, and other uses of personal protective equipment are being used daily. Clyraguard, is the newest industry changing personal protective equipment disinfecting spray, which you can purchase from Gallaway Safety & Supply.

For over 20 years, Gallaway Safety & Supply has been providing the highest quality of personal protective equipment, or PPE, to a variety of industries. It is their mission to supply companies and their employees with the best possible gear, allowing them to work in a safer, and therefore more productive environment. Clyraguard is a disinfectant spray that cannot only be used for personal use but it can also be used for commercial purposes.

Once again, it is no secret that products like disinfectants have been running rampant off the shelves of almost every retailer and online vendor during this unprecedented period. Factories are working harder than ever to produce products that can not only keep up with the ongoing demand but with standards set by the CDC and other regulations. Due to this increased production, some disinfectant sprays have left people with multiple irritations and some are not even considered to be safe for children or pets.

Clyraguard is a disinfectant and germicide spray that is non-irritating, non-sensitizing, non-toxic, and skin safe. Clyraguard is a product that is intended to decontaminate PPE and protect against bacteria, viruses, and other fungi that may be on PPE. It has been thoroughly tested and proved to be a long lasting and efficacious antimicrobial that does not irritate the skin. With up to three days of decontamination per lab testing, it is registered with the US FDA and is safe for people of all ages. This product is intended to be reapplied as needed and has a formula that was specifically developed for use in hospitals by healthcare professionals with the need for medical grade disinfectant sprays. One four oz bottle can last up to two months, with three sprays being applied every two hours of a typical work day.**

The Clyraguard spray has been backed by not only the FDA, but by multiple healthcare professionals and providers alike. Clyraguard can currently be purchased from Gallaway Safety & Supply, which has over 20 years of experience in the industrial safety industry,

About Clyraguard
The benefits of using Clyraguard are extremely high with an antimicrobial efficacy of a 99.999% kill rate. With no known microbial resistance, this clean, colorless, and odorless disinfectant spray can be used both personally and commercially. There is no rinsing, mixing, or diluting required making it easy for on-the-go use. It is also environmentally friendly and effective against biofilm.
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About Gallaway Safety & Supply
Gallaway Safety & Supply has been providing people with industry grade protective gear for over 20 years. From single orders to bulk orders, we make sure that you, your employees, and your loved ones are fully protected. Connect with us, and shop our full inventory. With same day shipping, businesses can rest assured that any items will come in time, keeping companies running strongly and safely. Shop Gallaway Safety & Supply for Clyraguard and for every industry needing personal protective equipment today.
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*Data and references on file (including SARS-CoV-2 virus testing).
**When sprayed 2-3 times every 2-3 hours of a typical 8 hour work shift.


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