CLSA Applauds State Budget Proposal That Invests $30M in Precision Medicine Research

SACRAMENTO, SAN DIEGO & SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 10, 2018 - California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), the trade association representing California’s life sciences industry, today issued the following statement applauding Governor Jerry Brown’s 2018 – 2019 California budget proposal that calls for $30 million to be invested in precision medicine research and the establishment of the California Institute to Advance Precision Health and Medicine (CIAPHM). This statement can be attributed to Sara Radcliffe, President & CEO, CLSA:

“California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) applauds Governor Jerry Brown and his Administration for their firm support of life sciences innovation, as demonstrated again in this year’s budget which calls for a $30 million investment in precision medicine research, along with the establishment of the California Institute to Advance Precision Health and Medicine (CIAPHM). These public-private partnerships are unique opportunities to further research and develop cures for diseases, and advance our understanding for the medicines of the future.

“California is the birthplace of biotechnology, and according to our newly released 2018 California Life Sciences Industry Report, the sector employs over 298,700 people working to develop innovative new medicines, technologies and therapies needed to treat and cure patients. Today’s proposed investment builds on the $23 million that California has already invested in precision medicine to date. CLSA looks forward to working with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to help universities and our life science member companies engage in additional public-private partnerships and apply these research dollars to build the scientific infrastructure necessary to advance precision medicine.

“CLSA is proud that many of our member companies, universities and research institutes are already working in the precision medicine space to improve health outcomes for patients, and we applaud Governor Brown for his thoughtful and visionary support to advance this important research here in California.”

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