Cloud DX and Maxwell Telecare Partner to Bring Round-the-Clock Virtual Care and Vitals Monitoring to Residents of US Long-Term Care Facilities

BROOKLYN, NY and CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2021 / Cloud DX (TSXV:CDX) and Maxwell Telecare are announcing a new partnership to bring round-the-clock virtual care and real-time vital sign monitoring to residents living in long term care (LTC) facilities.

The new solution, which combines Maxwell Telecare's on-demand telemedicine for post-acute care with Cloud DX's remote patient monitoring and diagnostic platform, is available now to healthcare partners in the US Midwest and Northwest. It will allow LTC and residential care providers to improve quality of care by reacting more swiftly to changing patient conditions, deliver care with greater efficiency, and ultimately reduce the need and costs of unnecessary hospitalizations. Under the initial 36-month agreement, Maxwell agrees to purchase Cloud DX products and services for deployment with all Maxwell customers in the United States. Maxwell will purchase Cloud DX on a per-patient-per-month basis for both Connected Health Kit and connectivity services deployed.

Maxwell Telecare prevents 75%-80% of rehospitalizations by having two doctors permanently assigned to a nursing facility, along with an onsite staffer. Now, with the addition of Cloud DX's Connected Health kit, staff can capture key patient vital signs (weight, blood pressure, pulse oxygen, glucose levels and temperature) at regular intervals during the day from the comfort of the patient's living quarters and flow that data in real time back to Maxwell's physicians, giving them an in-the-moment picture of an individual's health. This means doctors can intervene more quickly, adjust medications on the fly, or even dispatch a home-care nurse to the patient's room to make a house call. As a result, patients end up in the emergency room less, are admitted into hospital less, live at home longer and feel more in control of their health.

To date, Maxwell has deployed Cloud DX Connected Health kits to its clients Northwest Pulmonary, Meadowbrook Care Center, Homecare Associates (HCA), and The Landings of Minnetonka, IL. Together these clients care for more than 25,000 patients who qualify for remote physiological monitoring reimbursable by Medicare and/or private insurance. Several additional deployments including with Anew Home Health of Indiana are planned in 2021.

With the U.S. healthcare system overwhelmed by the surge of COVID-19 patients, telemedicine helped stem the tide by screening seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, an all-too-common result of lack of access to physicians during nights and weekends. Patients transferred to a nursing facility have a 25% likelihood of hospital readmission within 30 days and many bounce back more than once. When a physician cannot be located in a timely manner, nurses usually send patients to already overburdened hospitals.

"By adding Cloud DX's remote patient monitoring into our telecare model, we are now embedding a first line of intelligence right into each of our care facilities. Cloud DX will be the vital diagnostic eyes and ears for our physicians, providing them with the information they need make better care decisions quickly," says Maxwell founder and CEO Andrew Rosenson, MD. "By preventing patients from returning to hospital post-acute care facilities, providers can realize a 9.4X annual return on investment."

"We chose Cloud DX above all other vendors because of their incredible customer service and responsiveness, their Connected Health Kit's ease of use and adoption, their high patient satisfaction scores and the real-time care insights the platform provides back to our doctors," says John Hawkins, Advisory Board Member for Maxwell Telecare. "This partnership is creating a strong differentiator for our company and will deliver improved outcomes for our clients and for patients in their care."

"Remote patient monitoring is allowing us to monitor a patient's progress far more thoroughly than has been possible in the past and provides care teams with unprecedented, near real-time insight into a patient's condition so their decline or progress can be carefully tracked," says Robert Kaul, CEO of Cloud DX. "The model Maxwell Telecare and Cloud DX are building together is creating a new gold-standard for LTC and residential facilities. Patients and their families deserve this kind of advanced, technology-enabled care right now, not years in the future."

Residential and LTC providers interested in learning more about the Maxwell Telecare service, powered by Cloud DX, can visit:

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Accelerating virtual healthcare's future, Cloud DX is making healthcare better for everyone. The company's Connected Health remote patient monitoring platform is used by healthcare enterprises and care teams across North America to virtually manage chronic disease, enable aging in place and deliver hospital-quality post-surgical care. Providers partnering with CloudDX achieve better healthcare and patient outcomes, reduce the need for hospitalization/re-hospitalization and reduce the costs of healthcare delivery through more efficient use of resources. CloudDX is the co-winner of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a Fast Company "World Changing Idea" finalist, a 2021 Edison Award winner and one of Canada's Ten most prominent Telehealth providers. Visit us at

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Maxwell Telecare provides networks of dedicated physicians accessible via telehealth to long-term and post-acute care facilities. We reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, support chronic care management, and keep companies and facilities financially viable while improving quality of care, and satisfaction of both patients and families.

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