Clients Win With Clinical Reference Laboratory Global Services Integrated Structure

Published: Mar 09, 2010

9 March 2010: Clinical Reference Laboratory Inc, (Kansas, USA) (‘CRL Global Services’), one of the world’s largest independent clinical testing laboratory operations, now offers its clients a completely integrated and optimized infrastructure to support their global clinical trials following the establishment of an additional laboratory in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, late in 2009.

With more than 18 years clinical trials experience, CRL Global Services brings together a network of clinical laboratories around the world to provide global logistics, consistent instrumentation, standardized laboratory safety-, and centralized biomarker testing. CRL Global Services’ integrated system supports early to late phase pharmaceutical drug development. CRL Global Services has achieved its integrated global presence following the set up of wholly-owned European operations in the UK and the implementation of its proprietary technology platform worldwide.

For the client, CRL Global Services’ system provides centralized global project set-up and management, centralized data management, reporting, and financial tracking. CRL Global Services also provides unique, web-based project information tools – Web-OASIS™ for investigators, and Trials-OASIS™ for sponsors.

This truly end-to-end structure delivers real benefits for clients with a lean infrastructure that is efficient and cost-effective so projects complete on time and on budget. Regional experts in all continents are available to CRL Global Services clients worldwide.

John Byerley, VP of Global Operations said: “We are very proud of the unique approach we bring to supporting our clients and their global clinical trials programs. Through our development of OASIS, and the integration of this web-based package with our central teams, we are able to ensure standardized, responsive services that deliver high value and high quality; essential characteristics for partnership with leading pharma companies in these tough economic times."

Arnold Verbeek, PhD, general manager of Clinical Reference Laboratory – Europe Ltd, added: “We are confident that by using our own operations and applying our technology on a global scale CRL guarantees the best support and we are pleased when clients tell us that what we do -- our ability to make the non-standard, standard -- adds extra value. The result is that our clients commit to working with us long-term."

CRL Global Services offers leading edge testing services in clinical trials, corporate wellness programs, genomics, insurance, and toxicology. The company analyzes more than 100 million tests annually. Importantly, CRL Global Services’ core management group has been in place for the past eighteen years. For more details, visit:

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