Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center-Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Collaboration Developing Kid-Sized Medical Devices

Published: Nov 20, 2012

Cincinnati Children’s went all the way to Israel to make surgery easier and safer for children. Engineers at Ben-Gurion University met with doctors from the children’s hospital to come up with an alternative to medical tools built for adult-sized bodies. “Our doctors came up with about 70 clinical challenges and presented these to the engineers,” said Mike Pistone, a market analyst at children’s Center for Technology Commercialization. “The next day the group had prioritized list of about 20 projects,” he said. “Some of these products were not on the original list, but had come from the brainstorming.” The ideas are too new to have patent protection, so Pistone didn’t have any specific examples to share. He said the Children’s team came home with 10 projects to keep working on.

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