ChinaBio(R) LLC Week in Review: Ascletis, Inc. In-Licenses China Rights to RNAi Cancer Drug

Published: Jul 16, 2012

by Richard Daverman, PhD

July 14, 2012 -- Ascletis Pharma, a US-China JV, in-licensed China rights to an innovative RNAi drug candidate from Alnylam Pharma; Yunnan Walvax expanded beyond its vaccine portfolio by obtaining a 51% stake in Shanghai Fengmao Biotech; HAO Capital of Beijing and TCL Group formed a high-end diagnostic imaging JV; Siegfried Holding, a Swiss CMO, is building an API and intermediates production facility in Nantong; Oculus received SFDA approval for Microcyn® Hydrogel, a topical wound treatment; and the SFDA has issued new regulations governing the purity and safety of excipients. More details….

Stock Symbols: (NSDQ: ALNY) (SHE: 300142) (SIX: SFZN) (NSDQ: OCLS)

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