ChemBridge Corporation Announces Their New Fragment Library For Screening

Published: Jan 10, 2007

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- ChemBridge has assembled an exemplary collection of small molecules useful for fragment-based screening: the new Fragment Library. The emergence and development of high throughput X-ray crystallography and NMR methodologies for drug discovery have contributed widely to the acceptance and implementation of fragment based screening. The ability to detect low affinity binders has proven invaluable in the introduction and promotion of this aspect of drug discovery and design. The Fragment Library set, comprising approximately 12,000 compounds, was chosen based upon the commonly accepted Astex "Rule-of-Three" (MW <300, H-bond donors/acceptors <3, cLogP <3) as well as the established proprietary ChemBridge substructure filters. The set includes compounds with available, as well as protected, functionality. All compounds in the collection are available in stock and may be cherry-picked or taken as a complete set.

Upon independent analysis of ChemBridge's Fragment Library, an industry expert from a well respected pharmaceutical company regards the collection as both attractive and diverse, commenting that it is the largest commercial fragment library currently offered to his knowledge.

"The fragment collection has been assembled using industry standard chemometrics coupled with ChemBridge's knowledge of small molecule pharmacophore profiling," said ChemBridge's Reg Richardson, Ph.D. "The result is the largest commercial offering of 'discovery chemistry-relevant' small molecule fragments. I am certain the Fragment Library will be valuable to those engaged in fragment based screening to identify and construct new chemical entities having excellent lead-like properties."

About ChemBridge Corporation

ChemBridge Corporation,, is a leading global discovery chemistry CRO with an impeccable track record of quality and deliverability. ChemBridge was founded in Chicago in 1993 and has grown to a global company with 350 employees. ChemBridge has its corporate headquarters in San Diego, European office in the UK, and a marketing agency in Japan. It also operates a large, state-of-the-art offshore discovery chemistry research site in Moscow, Russia. Over 400 pharmaceutical and biotech companies and universities worldwide have taken advantage of ChemBridge's portfolio of advanced discovery chemistry services and products, including its library of 700,000 diverse drug-like small molecule compounds.

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