Centrexion To Present Clinical Data From Pipeline Of Chronic Pain Treatments At The 11th Annual Pain And Migraine Therapeutics Summit

Published: Sep 26, 2017

Company will give an oral presentation of 6-month efficacy data on CNTX-4975 for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis and poster presentation of Phase 1 study of CNTX-6970 for treatment of inflammation

The Phase 2b 6-month efficacy data selected as a finalist for the SCRIP Awards Clinical Advance of the Year

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Centrexion Therapeutics, a company focused on advancing the treatment of chronic pain with one of the largest exclusively pain-focused pipelines of non-opioid therapies in active development, today announced it will present Phase 2b data of CNTX-4975 for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis and Phase 1 data of CNTX-6970 at the 11th Annual Pain and Migraine Therapeutics Summit taking place from September 27-28 in San Diego, CA.

Centrexion Chief Medical Officer Randall M. Stevens will give an oral presentation of the efficacy and safety of a single intra-articular injection of CNTX-4975 for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Based on the results of the Phase 2b study, Centrexion was selected as a finalist for the SCRIP Awards Clinical Advance of the Year. The winners of the SCRIP Awards will be announced on November 29.

Additionally, the Company will provide a poster presentation of the results of a Phase 1 single ascending dose study of CNTX-6970 for the treatment of inflammatory pain. More information can be found at http://paintherapeuticsummit.com. Details of the oral and poster presentations are listed below.


Efficacy and Safety of CNTX-4975 in Subjects With Moderate to Severe Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Presentation Time:

4:15 p.m. PT, Wednesday, September 27


Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Hotel


Evaluation of the Selective Oral CCR2 Antagonist CNTX-6970 in the Treatment of Inflammatory Pain

Presentation Time:

10:00 a.m. and 2:50 p.m. PT, Wednesday, September 27; 10:15 a.m. PT, Thursday, September 28


Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Hotel

About CNTX-4975

CNTX-4975 is based on Centrexion’s proprietary STRATI™ technology (Synthetic TRans cApsaicin ulTra-pure Injection), a highly potent, ultrapure, synthetic form of trans-capsaicin (a medicine traditionally derived from the chili plant). CNTX-4975 is designed to be injected directly into the site of pain to provide rapid onset, large reduction and long duration of relief from moderate to severe pain without affecting touch sensibility or position sense.

CNTX-4975 works by selectively targeting the capsaicin receptor (TRPV1) to rapidly inactivate only the local pain fibers transmitting signals to the brain. With a short half-life, STRATI® is cleared from the body within 24 hours. This approach provides pain relief that can last for months until the ends of the local pain fibers regenerate, while leaving the rest of the nerve fiber functioning as normal. Additionally, CNTX-4975 is without the risks of toxicities of NSAIDs, injected steroids, or the side effects, including abuse and addiction, associated with opioid treatments.

About CNTX-6970

CNTX-6970 is a novel, potent and selective CCR2 (C-C chemokine receptor type 2) antagonist with a unique analgesic profile. Recent studies have shown a close link between chronic pain and the immune system. CNTX-6970 capitalizes on this connection by taking a novel “neuro-immune” approach. The compound has a dual effect: stopping immune cells from releasing the potent cytokine MCP-1 (monocyte chemoattractant protein 1) and stopping MCP-1 from stimulating pain fibers to send pain signals. CNTX-6970 is predicted to be well suited to treat chronic painful inflammatory conditions, and a Phase 1 study showed the treatment was well tolerated with demonstrated pharmacologic and pharmacodynamic activity.

About Centrexion Therapeutics

Centrexion Therapeutics, Corp. is focused on advancing the treatment of chronic moderate to severe pain with one of the largest exclusively pain-focused pipelines of non-opioid, non-addictive therapies in active development. Centrexion Therapeutics recognizes the needs of over a quarter of a billion people living with chronic pain worldwide, and aims to develop new, safer and more effective therapies that overcome the limitations and challenges associated with current pain treatments. Founded by world-renowned leaders in drug development, and well-funded by key investors, Centrexion Therapeutics is building a pain treatment powerhouse to address the substantial and growing global chronic pain epidemic. Centrexion Therapeutics has recently relocated from Baltimore, Md. to Boston, Mass.

For more information about Centrexion, visit http://www.centrexion.com.

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