Cellexus Limited Announces New Directors To Enhance Its' Management Team

Published: Nov 19, 2013

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November 2013 -- Cellexus Limited, based in Cambridgeshire (U.K.) and a leading supplier of innovative single use, disposable bioreactors which are designed to simplify and improve fermentation and cell culture processes, has appointed Mr Stephen Lee as its’ new Executive Technical Director and Dr Linda Cammish as a new Non-Executive Director to enhance the Cellexus Management Team and Board of Directors as the Company expands.

Mr Lee is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers with over 40 years manufacturing management experience. His early career was at Pfizer R&D developing a range of new medical devices. He was responsible for developing a number of pharmaceutical products at Bioprogress and managed the edible film manufacturing plant at BioTec Films LLC. He has been a Board member of a number of companies and is trustee of a pension fund.

Dr Cammish brings additional sales, marketing and business development experience to the Cellexus Board. With over 29 years experience in the life science area she has considerable expertise in growing businesses in this sector. With extensive practical experience in senior leadership, business development, sales and marketing roles in companies including Millipore, PerSeptive Biosystems, Applied Biosystems and Abcam, she also has Board level experience and was more recently CEO at nanoTherics.

Mr Bob Cumming, Cellexus Limited General Manager, said in a statement, "Mr Lee has an excellent all round knowledge of engineering and its’ application to solving real problems in science and engineering and we are delighted that he is bringing this to Cellexus to further develop the Cellexus CellMaker range of single-use bioreactor products.”. He added, “Having achieved some significant milestones in product development and design to improve the flexibility of the CellMaker systems we are now in a phase of focussed commercialisation of these new products so the addition of Dr Cammish to our Board of Directors, bringing a huge level of commercial experience in this sector to our Board team, is very timely. We are delighted to welcome both Mr Lee and Dr Cammish to their new roles to facilitate driving the Company forward through our next stage of growth.

Mr Lee added: "The Cellexus CellMaker products have been developed with next-generation technology and I am delighted to join the team to help further extend the product range and manage the production of the highly robust CellMaker systems to meet customers’ needs.”

Dr Cammish commented: “I am very pleased to be appointed as NED of the Cellexus Board. I look forward to working with the Directors and Management to drive growth through further sales of the Company’s proprietary single use disposable bioreactor products and the new products the Company will be launching.”

The Cellexus CellMaker range of automated systems apply a next-generation technology of single-use, disposable cell culture bioreactor bags which have highly efficient methods to mix and oxygenate. Whilst other systems require shakers, rockers, rollers or large environmental chambers, the CellMaker systems employ a novel airlift technology which is simple, scalable, inexpensive to use and proven to provide highly efficient cell culture to out-perform cell culture in flasks. The CellMaker Bags, which are the unique single-use, disposable cell culture bags in which cells are grown in the CellMaker systems, enable fast set-up times, eliminate cleaning requirements and prevent cross-contamination. The CellMaker systems very efficiently aerate the CellMaker Bags with controlled air flow providing oxygen for highly efficient cell growth with gentle and effective mixing to maintain cells in suspension. Pressure control enhances oxygen availability to cells and decreases foaming whilst temperature control enables production of high yields of soluble protein under the most optimal conditions.

About Cellexus Limited

Cellexus Limited (Cambridgeshire, UK) provides a range of instruments and value added consumables to help researchers in biotechnology industries and academia develop new biotechnology based products from cell lines. Biopharmaceuticals, for example, are a rapidly evolving range of therapeutics generated by culturing cells in bioreactors and include proteins, antibodies or vaccines, with the possible of future medical treatments offered by stem cell research also falling into this category.

The Company’s core technology is at the centre of a range of different product configurations the Company offers that can be used for highly efficient fermentation, cell culture and production of proteins in a single-use, disposable bioreactor bag format. This same configuration can be used in efficient biomolecule and biopharmaceutical production under clean and sterile conditions. These products offer significant technological improvements for fermentation, cell culture and cell growth to the biotechnology industries.

The single-use, disposable (consumable) elements of the CellMaker bioreactors that the Company provides are the CellMaker Bags. These single use, disposable self contained bioreactor bags form a product range which are manufactured under clean room conditions and to the ISO standards required by the biopharmaceutical industry. The CellMaker bioreactor products come with built-in chiller units to enable precise temperature control and an oxygen generator, which removes the need for piped gas and enables controlled aeration during the cell culture process. The gentle flow of gas bubbles mixes the contents of the CellMaker Bag with the bag design improving aeration and reducing foaming. The CellMaker systems used to manage the cell culture process are very simple, efficient and inexpensive to use. A patent protecting the Company’s Intellectual Property in this area was filed in December 2005.

For further information please contact:

Cellexus Limited; Bob Cumming, Director and General Manager; Email: bob.cumming@cellexusinc.com; Tel: +44 (0) 1354 602997; www.cellexusinc.com

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