Carestream Health, Inc. Introduces New Features for Its DIRECTVIEW Elite CR, Classic CR, Max CR Imaging Systems

Published: May 02, 2012

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 1 — Carestream debuted new software features for three of its computed radiography systems that offer important advantages in the areas of quality and exposure control, pediatric and ICU imaging and print output. These features are now shipping with new DIRECTVIEW Elite CR, Classic CR and Max CR systems and are available as upgrades for existing customers.

New features include:

• A companion image (from the original exposure) for pneumothorax visualization that accentuates the appearance of free air in the chest cavity. A new ICU package also includes Tube and Line Visualization and automatic image display in the correct orientation for improved productivity and care.

• Pediatric image optimization and enhancement software that expands and integrates a range of seven patient sizes as specified by new FDA regulations for pediatric exams. A new pediatric quality package also includes Carestream’s Total Quality Tool to verify image quality of CR cassettes as well as the system’s administrative analysis and reporting software.

• Vendor-neutral IEC exposure index values allow technologists to see if they are within the acceptable exposure range to improve overall workflow and image quality.

• Special image processing produces consistent rendering of portable chest images, which can reduce day-to-day and image-to-image variability, which is helpful to physicians who are monitoring changes in a patient’s condition.

• Enhanced Administrative and Analysis Reporting software provides a single, consolidated source for viewing all performance metrics for CR systems; and

• Multi-format print enhancements can help boost productivity with ability to add markers and adjust the image. Additional print layouts optimize film usage.

These compact DIRECTVIEW CR systems are designed for distributed and centralized CR applications that require excellent image quality, rapid image availability, lower costs and high departmental productivity.

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