Cannabiniers Debuts the World's First THC/CBD Recreational Cream BASKiN GLOW

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cannabiniers, a global cannabis brand management company, in conjunction with Ovation Science, Inc. (CSE: OVAT), announces the launch of BASKiN GLOW — a revolutionary THC cream. This pharmaceutical grade, patented, transdermal cream is made with a 1:10 CBD to THC ratio, including patented rapid release technology to deliver a high-dose of THC into the blood stream.

"We are excited to launch a new, first-to-market product under the BASKiN brand, especially one that will disrupt the cannabis market; BASKiN GLOW," said Tim Walters, President, and COO of Cannabiniers. "With BASKiN GLOW consumers don't have to smoke or eat it; it's a friendly alternative that is discreetly applied to the forearm, allowing everyone to "Get their Glow on," within minutes. We have already seen how great the demand can be as the presales of BASKiN GLOW have been outstanding; surpassing any of our other product launches. With this high demand already, we know that GLOW is positioned to take top category position with recreational cannabis consumer products, and we are excited to once again, lead the charge."

BASKiN GLOW represents the ultimate level of lifestyle integration, supporting 81 percent delivery of cannabinoids into the bloodstream over the course of six hours — independently tested and backed by twenty years of science. GLOW's skin delivery technology cannot be washed, rubbed or sweated off, making it the perfect THC recreational cream to use before going out on the town, enjoying a relaxing or romantic evening at home, or working out.

"In response to the urging from consumers looking for a real choice in recreational cannabis products that do not involve smoking and that have a far quicker onset than edibles, Cannabiniers and Ovation created a high-potency, fast-acting THC dominant transdermal cream," said Terry Howlett, President of Ovation. "We know this product will be a game-changer in the cannabis industry and we are excited to be leading this new category."

Cannabiniers' original line of CDB infused personal care products, BASKiN Essentials, was developed with the simple principle of providing quality, safe, responsible, CBD-infused products that are consumed and enjoyed as part of a daily wellness regimen. The product line has been developed using high-quality ingredients for overall wellness and has something for everyone offering various Bath Bombs, Teas, and Topical Creams. 

"BASKiN GLOW will be available in dispensaries across Nevada and California. We've created this product because no product currently on the market can claim their efficacy. We can." said Kevin Love, Vice President of Market Activations. "Also, our goal was to create a product that perfectly aligns with consumers lifestyle. Ultimately, we realized there was a void that needed to be filled and created a new product category that is reinventing the way cannabis is consumed."

No stranger to launching products that the market has never seen, this past year, Cannabiniers launched the world's first non-alcoholic cannabinoid infused craft "Cannabier," Two Roots Brewing Co., a safe, micro-served beverage with rapid onset and dissipation which follows the bell curve of alcohol consumption. Two Roots Brewing Co. was not only the first-to-market product but also created a new category in the beverage space. BASKiN GLOW retails for $80, and is available in Nevada and California dispensaries, with further expansion plans to more than eight states by the end of 2019.

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Cannabiniers, a global cannabis brand management company, is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with first-to-market, patented, safe, and proprietary lifestyle integrated consumer products that are made to deliver the highest quality of cannabis enjoyment. Always operating on an exceptional level of business integrity and against top quality product standards, the company seeks to normalize and celebrate the recreational and wellness benefits of cannabis.

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