Bōlm Skincare Announces Launch of Prevasil Fast-Acting Cold Sore Treatment Which Offers Added Benefits to Help Soothe a Worldwide Epidemic

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev., Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Following eight years of research, John Fraser, co-founder and president of Bōlm Skincare, announced the official launch of their new cold sore treatment called Prevasil and claims the effectiveness of the topical drug is shocking to witness. He explains, "Individuals who were plagued by outbreaks on a regular basis thank me like I saved their life. They keep Prevasil with them wherever they go."

Prevasil is currently sold on Amazon or it can be ordered directly from prevasil.com. Retail category buyers can review further details by visiting the Prevasil profile at rangeme.com.

Effective Remedies Combine

An external analgesic, Prevasil uses camphor and thymol for pain and itch relief. It also combines lysine, lemon peel oil and cold-pressed raspberry seed oil with twelve antiviral herbs to instantly relieve and moisturize the affected area. These ultra-soothing properties promote rapid healing and give Prevasil the clear advantage when choosing a cold sore treatment.

Even those with average symptoms who tested early formulas have reached out with testimonials to share their appreciation. Mike from Palm Desert, CA writes, "I used to get a couple of ugly, painful cold sores per year. Now when I feel that tingling pain of a cold sore forming, I start applying Prevasil regularly. Within a day or two it has retreated before having a chance to erupt. I'm a believer and lifelong customer of Prevasil!"

Instant Results

Upon application, one experiences a cooling sensation produced from organic peppermint oil and there is an immediate reduction in the infection's appearance.

Prevasil is found to be most effective when applied at the very first sign (e.g. tingle, buzz) and reapplied often until the virus subsides. At prevasil.com further instructions advise, "When the cooling stops, it's time to reapply." Those who suffer from cold sores more frequently are instructed to use the treatment daily during periods of remission and especially at times of high stress, sickness or fatigue.

As opportunistic infection rates steadily rise, Bōlm is working quickly to saturate the market with their fast-acting treatment. The family-owned corporation has marketing operations in North Lake Tahoe, while Prevasil is manufactured in the Midwest and distributed from Nevada and Connecticut.

Contact Info:
John Fraser, President
Bōlm Skincare
(855) 856-3473


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