Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation and Priaxon Announce a Collaboration to Research and Develop Novel Treatments for Cancer

Published: Jan 19, 2010

MUNICH & INGELHEIM, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boehringer Ingelheim and Priaxon entered into a worldwide collaboration to research and develop mdm2/p53 inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. Priaxon is providing its innovative and proprietary small molecule drug discovery expertise which is particularly suited to investigate inhibition of protein-protein interactions. p53 is a human tumor suppressor protein. It has been shown that in tumors with wild-type p53, the restoration of p53 tumor-suppressive functions can be achieved by blocking a cellular interaction of mdm21 and p53. This may reactivate the “genome guardian” function of p53 and is therefore an interesting approach for treating various oncological indications.

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