BOC Sciences Is Conceiving A Scholarship Program

Published: Nov 15, 2016

After improving the description part of inhibitors, positive feedback from clients was received, which encouraged the company to do better all-roundly to become a comprehensive chemical supplier. As a further step, BOC Sciences plans to launch a scholarship program to assist students with interest and effort in chemistry financially. And the program is set to start from 2017.

With over 11 years endeavor, BOC Sciences has grown into a medium sized chemical supplier, more importantly-earned much reliability of our customers. Starting from a grass-root company, the company understands how difficult it is to develop smoothly. At the beginning of the business, many labs choose to gave us a chance and believe us. Now it’s the time to give back. And the best solutions should be providing financial assistance to at-school students.

The program is not yet released yet. But according to the present disclosed information, the total amount of money is considerable and about 4 or 5 students will be supported for each school year from 2017. And the application process will be simplified to save time. Meanwhile, winners of the scholarship will be granted with opportunities of internship in BOC Sciences to get more practical experiences.

Such program can be also considered as the shouldering of social responsibility as a commercial company. BOC Sciences will gradually do better in this aspect to show its altitude. More detailed information of the scholarship is about to be released in January if things goes well.

Besides with such financial program, BOC Sciences will also share part of its resources with student. A successful example of this is that an intern synthesized high quality GW3965 and quizartinib with our lab facilities, which is a huge motivation for the student himself in future devotion into the field.

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BOC Science is a leading research chemical supplier, providing over 300,000 kinds of chemicals covering inhibitors like BF 2649, APIs, GMPs, natural compounds, and etc. Services like custom synthesis, isotope labeling, compound screening and drug design are provided. For more information about our scholarship program or chemical products, please visit our website.

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