Biotech Support Group Release: Cleanascite™ for Delipidation Treatments for Subsequent Protein Enrichment in Biopharmaceuticals

Published: Apr 02, 2013

PRLog (Press Release) - Apr. 2, 2013 - MONMOUTH JUNCTION, N.J. -- MONMOUTH JUNCTION, N.J. -- Scale up of lipid removal treatments on samples of ascites, serum, cell & tissue culture, bile and organ homogenates using centrifugation or ultrafiltration is challenging. Sources of lipids in cells are phospholipids, glycolipids, cholesterol and plasma lipids. Cleanascite™ removes lipids and preserves the protein structure and biological activity. Cleanascite™ selectively removes lipids, cell debris, lipoproteins, floating fats, impurities from cohn paste, egg yolk and biological samples for pretreatment prior to purification. The reagent is a solid-phase, non-ionic adsorbent supplied as a suspension in saline, ready for use. Simply add, centrifuge and/or filter. The clarified supernatant is ready for subsequent downstream processing or analysis. Cleanascite™ extends the life of membrane and chromatographic columns. Enrichment, sample preparation and proteomic processes are more effective subsequent to using Cleanascite™. Cleanascite™ complements adsorptive matrices which are used for protein delipidation treatments. Moreover delipidation treatments are effective in protein recovery and optimizes assays of chromatography techniques for purification of biopharmaceutical proteins. Cleanascite™ is ideal for high throughput, high yield therapeutic protein clarification as it removes lipids. Cleanascite™ clarifies lipids from recombinant and natural proteins in transgenic milk allowing for downstream processes which isolate proteins such as IgG and recombinant human protein C from human plasma.

Characteristics of Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification

Extends the life of membrane and chromatographic columns.

Ideal for clarifying ascites, serum, cell & tissue culture, bile and organ homogenates

A high binding capacity for lipids with minimal cross-reactivity with proteins

Helps purify antibodies, recombinant proteins, nucleic acids, proteoglycans

Clarifies saliva and fecal components

Very low protein binding

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Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification

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