BioMotiv and Atomwise Sign AI Partnership to Transform Therapeutic Development

Jan. 13, 2020 12:00 UTC



CLEVELAND & SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BioMotiv, a mission-driven biopharma company, and Atomwise, the leader in using artificial intelligence (AI) for small molecule discovery, today announced a strategic collaboration to co-develop therapies. The organizations will form co-owned, joint development companies (“JDCs”) that will integrate Atomwise’s AI technology and BioMotiv’s deep expertise in preclinical and clinical development to translate innovative academic and early-stage research into small molecule therapies. Atomwise’s AI technology will enable the pursuit of programs for novel and challenging targets that are considered undruggable with traditional tools, provide novel compounds by screening ultra-large compound libraries, and decrease the time and cost of projects by reducing physical testing of compounds.

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BioMotiv has raised over $340 million in partnership with the Harrington Discovery Institute to move forward its mission – Accelerate Breakthrough Discoveries into Medicines. “Many potential therapies do not advance into clinical research since the expertise, funding, partners and tools are not readily available to universities, and these programs are too early for further development by pharmaceutical and biotech companies,” said Satish Jindal, Ph.D., Managing Director at BioMotiv. “Our vision is to bridge this gap between universities and biopharma, and accelerate the pace these therapies reach the market. Atomwise’s technology can find unique compounds for challenging drug targets to accelerate drug discovery and the development of new therapeutics. With Atomwise’s AI technology and our expertise, potential therapies have the best path to commercialization.”

Under the collaboration, BioMotiv and Atomwise will source promising targets, assays and compounds for the JDCs from the Harrington Project, the AIMS program, and prestigious research institutions around the world. Atomwise and BioMotiv will provide the JDCs with funding, expertise in medicinal chemistry, biology and drug development, and access to an established and trusted ecosystem of providers and biopharma partners. “This unique collaboration offers the opportunity to multiply the number of discoveries we can pursue,” said Juliana Woda, Ph.D., Senior Director of Research & Development at BioMotiv. “It is truly a game-changer.”

“BioMotiv has an impressive track record of building successful companies and an incredible team of experts in preclinical and clinical drug development,” said Abraham Heifets, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of Atomwise. “We are excited to partner with BioMotiv, who share our passion and commitment to removing barriers and accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries for the benefit of patients worldwide.”

About BioMotiv

BioMotiv is a mission-driven biopharma company focused on advancing early stage breakthrough discoveries from research institutions into medicines. Led by a highly accomplished and passionate team of veteran biopharma experts, BioMotiv’s innovative model efficiently aligns capital and collaborations to select, fund, manage and advance a portfolio of drug development programs.

About Atomwise

Atomwise Inc. invented the first deep learning AI technology for structure-based small molecule drug discovery. Created in 2012, today Atomwise performs hundreds of projects per year in partnership with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, as well as more than 200 universities and hospitals in 40 countries. Atomwise has raised over $50 million from leading venture capital firms to support the development and application of its AI technology. Learn more at or follow @AtomwiseInc.


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