Biofortuna Ltd. Heats up the PCR Market With the World's First Freeze-dried Solution

Published: Sep 27, 2010

September 27 2010 -- UK-based molecular diagnostics company Biofortuna Limited has unveiled the world’s first complete freeze-dried HLA PCR kit in a move set to transform the transplantation market.

The award-winning firm, led by internationally renowned HLA molecular immunologist Dr Mike Bunce, is revolutionising clinical testing methods with its proprietary freeze-dried ‘SSP Go’ technology.

SSP Go is a novel single-step off the shelf freeze-dried SSP PCR mix containing all buffers, primers and Taq. Users simply add DNA to the unique lyophilised formula, for the ultimate in accuracy and user simplicity.

Unlike traditional SSP kits, SSP Go is stable at ambient temperature for at least 12 months, removing the need for fridges, freezers and thermal packaging during shipping and storage.

Biofortuna’s team of world-class scientists are taking clinical innovation to new levels and leading UK organisations, including some NHS trusts, have already placed orders for the technology, while international enquiries are flooding in from as far afield as the US, Canada, India and Europe.

The cutting-edge freeze-dried technology has multiple benefits for laboratories, including reduced user error, contamination, manual labour, and a reduction in the use of tips, tubes, racks and shipment packaging.

The kits, which come with free interpretation software, are updated after every alignment update based on the IMGT database. SSP Go can be used on current PCR and gel electrophoresis platforms.

SSP Go was created by Dr Mike Bunce, whose career combines almost 30 years’ clinical and industrial experience.

Dr Bunce, CEO of Biofortuna, said: “We are delighted to officially launch SSP Go to the marketplace. This is the only freeze-dried PCR reaction mix available where you just add DNA and PCR. Our unique lyophilised PCR includes all buffers and taq, removing batch pipetting, variability, and ultimately improving test set up time, accuracy and cost. The feedback from the industry has been tremendous and we are very excited about SSP Go’s potential for rapid global growth.”

With sales expected to rise 25% year on year, Biofortuna has just quadrupled the size of its offices in the Liverpool region of the UK, to incorporate four new state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment facilities, with additional shipping and warehousing space.

The Biofortuna management team has also expanded, with the company recently welcoming non executive director Dr David Whitcombe onboard.

David has an extensive background in biotechnology, and was a founder of DxS Ltd, a UK based molecular diagnostics company sold to Qiagen in 2009 in a deal worth £80M.

Biofortuna is developing a range of unique HLA diagnostic kits for the transplantation, blood grouping, disease identification and pharmacogenetic markets.

The company specialises in easy to use diagnostics that address complex genotyping issues, while increasing laboratory productivity and improving quality in clinical testing and patient care.

The Biofortuna team will be demonstrating their cutting-edge technologies at both the BSHI and ASHI Conferences in Edinburgh and Miami respectively, this week.

Biofortuna is an ISO 9001:2008 company and manufacture to ISO 13485 standards. All products manufactured for In Vitro Diagnostic use carry the CE mark for compliance with the EU In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (IVDD).

For more information or interview opportunities please contact Harry Singh, commercial director at Biofortuna, on +44151 334 0182 ex 202 or email:

About Biofortuna

Biofortuna is an award-winning molecular diagnostics company providing easy to use, high quality HLA molecular diagnostics.

It has created the world’s first freeze dried PCR reactions. Users simply add DNA to pre-dispensed, freeze dried PCR reactions allowing for the ultimate in user convenience.

Biofortuna’s diagnostic kits are simple, quick and consistent, providing accurate, high quality results.

The kits superior stability allows storage and transportation at ambient temperature eliminating the requirement for fridges, freezers and thermally controlled shipping.

With their patented freeze dried technology, expertise in HLA, and a passion for quality, Biofortuna’s diagnostic kits offer significant advantages over its competitors.

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