Biocompatibles International PLC Give Away Free Celluminate Samples

Published: Aug 28, 2009

Farnham, UK – 29th August 2009: At EMBO today, Biocompatibles has launched a new product in its CelLuminate™ range of intracellular delivery systems. To celebrate this launch, Biocompatibles is giving away 10 free samples of the new CelLuminate VPS (Vesicle-forming Polymer System), which improves the efficiency of intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules compared to conventional liposomal systems. It can effectively deliver a wide range of molecules, including RNA, DNA and proteins, with minimal cytotoxic effects. To enter the draw, researchers will need to visit Biocompatibles on Stand 29 at EMBO from 29th August – 1st September, or enter online by visiting 4pm on Monday 14th September.

Composed of proprietary biomimetic copolymers, the CelLuminate technology exploits naturally occurring endocytotic pathways. The surface chemistry of the CelLuminate vesicles mimics that of cell membranes, although the rate and amount of vesicles endocytosed is significantly higher than conventional liposomal systems. As pH decreases in the endosome, the vesicles use this as a trigger to deliver the enclosed substance into the cell cytosol.

CelLuminate VPS has been developed as the result of requests from researchers using the CelLuminate Red rhodamine-loaded cell staining system. This has enabled them to easily prepare their own vesicles to encapsulate the desired bioactive agent. For more information or to enter the prize draw please visit or stand A29 at EMBO.

About Biocompatibles

Established in 1984 with the focus of developing commercial applications in the area of biocompatibility - the ability of a material to interface within the body without provoking an adverse biological response, Biocompatibles International plc is now a leading medical technology and life science company.

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