BioCision, LLC Standardizes Histology Procedures with CoolSink™ H Line

Published: Dec 13, 2011

Mill Valley, California – At this week’s 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), BioCision, LLC launched a novel and comprehensive line of products to standardise procedures related to immunohistochemistry, slide staining and sorting, tissue dissection, cell harvesting, and tissue embedding. The response of ASCB attendees to the CoolSink H line – consisting of 10 new products – was overwhelmingly positive.

“These products will change the way tissue samples are prepared and have a huge impact on biomarker detection, especially in the new era of personalized medicine,” said BioCision’s CEO Rolf Ehrhardt, MD, PhD. “Poor preparation, which is a common occurrence, can hasten the degradation of proteins and nucleic acids, and compromise ultrastructural fidelity. The CoolSink H line ensures stable, consistent and highly reproducible sample handling.”

In addition to the recently introduced HistoMailer™ biopsy cassette shipper, this new portfolio consists of seven thermo-conductive platforms to equalize temperature and provide an interface between the sample and temperature source, eliminating temperature variability. CoolSink H modules accommodate a variety of commonly used histology vessels including slides, culture dishes, OCT blocks and others.

“BioCision has a proven track record in developing products to standardise and optimize the processing of cell samples,” said Hugh Douglas, BioCision’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are pleased to offer a new line of products that provides the same consistency, reproducibility and standardization in handling tissue samples.”

About BioCision

BioCision’s mission is to standardise pre-analytical sample handling. They develop novel products that eliminate variability in common, often-overlooked, laboratory procedures. Their products are marketed globally and are widely used by the leading institutions in the biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical, diagnostic, academic and government scientific community. BioCision’s products include CoolRack®, CoolSink™ and ThermalTray™ laboratory tube and plate temperature standardizing modules, CoolBox™ ice-free benchtop coolers, CoolCell® alcohol-free cell freezing containers and TruCool™ accessories and consumables.


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