Biochain Institute, Inc. Launches MicroRNA Signature Validation Kits and Services

Hayward, California (October 13, 2010) -- MicroRNAs are small fragment of RNA (20-50nt) that regulates gene expression. Now microRNA biomarkers for Cancer prognosis and diagnosis seem to be their most promising clinical application among other research areas include neurology and cardiovascular disease. RT-QPCR is a key tool for identifying and validating the microRNA expression signatures of various disease states. Nearly every human tumor type has been shown to have some significant regulation of microRNA expression, notes Dan Gallahan, deputy director of the Division of Cancer Biology at the National Cancer Institute. “What we’re starting to see is that specific cancers have specific signatures,”

MicroRNA researchers typically work with a mix of home-made and commercial RT-QPCR method to validate microRNA signatures. However, it is very labor-intensive and time consuming. BioChain offerings are ideal for researchers looking to test the waters of microRNA validation without a major investment of time or resources. Our service model works really well for this field as many scientists start to get involved in microRNA signature validation.

The recently released BioChain cancer microRNA signature validation services aim to elude the complex microRNA profiling and provide valuable insight to biomarkers implicated in NSCLC diagnosis and therapy. BioChain has leveraged its expertise in microRNA research and delivered this advanced service platform for any organizations.

BioChain offers comprehensive and fully customizable microRNA services that include:

1. Total RNA extraction from cells or tissues

2. MicroRNA probe design with BioChain’s microRNA reverse transcription kit

3. Single or multiplex microRNA assay reactions

4. MicroRNA quantitation using qRT-PCR analysis

5. Data integration and analysis

This service may benefit researchers for its high specificity and sensitivity of biomarker detection and validation, fast turnaround time and significant cost saving for any organizations.

About BioChain BioChain Institute Inc.

(BCI) is leading provider for biological samples (tissue array, DNA, RNA, etc), preparation kits and integrated service in life science research and diagnostics. Founded in 1994, BCI’s headquarter is located at Hayward, CA, with branches over 29 distributors worldwide. Currently there are about 200 employees around the world. BCI serves over ten thousands customers with more than 5000 products and services.

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