BioBlocks, Inc. and Emerald Bio Align to Speed and Streamline Discovery of Small-Molecule Drugs

Published: Jan 08, 2013

SAN DIEGO, CA and BEDFORD, MA – January 8, 2013 - BioBlocks, Inc., an emerging leader in fragment-based lead discovery, and Emerald Bio, a protein and structural biology service provider, are working together to streamline clients’ access to expertise that will accelerate lead discovery and generate high-quality, small-molecule drugs in a cost effective manner.

BioBlocks’ Leap-to-LeadTM platform joined with Emerald Bio’s biophysical screening and structural biology capabilities, which use co-crystallization, nuclear magnetic resonance and other methodologies, provides clients with extensive, fully integrated, fragment-based, target-to-lead generation services.

“As the drug-discovery marketplace changes, our strategic alignment will enable more reliable external research because both companies are focused on streamlining processes based on our proprietary expertise, deep investments into orthogonal capabilities, and similar business cultures,” said Johan Pontin, Emerald Bio’s chairman and chief executive officer. “Together we look forward to offering our clients the ability to increase the probability of success for their drug discovery projects.”

“Despite recent advances in drug discovery technologies, the identification of leads that are ultimately successful in clinical trials remains a challenge,” said Peter Pallai, Ph.D., BioBlock’s president and chief executive officer. “Our Leap-to-Lead™ platform addresses this problem using physical and virtual fragment-based approaches, which provide a dynamic lead-development pathway. Combined with Emerald Bio’s critical structural insights, we are well positioned to generate high quality leads for our clients, including against difficult targets.”

About BioBlocks

Founded in San Diego in 2002, BioBlocks provides medicinal chemistry expertise and products to partners in the drug discovery community. In numerous collaborations aided by a results-based lead optimization model, BioBlocks scientists have developed preclinical candidates and reached program milestones. The Company’s Leap-to-Lead™ platform addresses fundamental issues in drug discovery – the high attrition rate and lack of novelty found in typical HTS hits – by providing an alternative source for high quality tractable leads with multiple possible optimization pathways. For more information on BioBlocks’ lead discovery services please visit

About Emerald Bio

Emerald Bio is a protein solutions provider offering consultative services, instrumentation, reagents, and software to help solve our client’s challenges in protein science. We leverage our unique assets and know-how in biochemistry and structural biology to improve our clients’ understanding of proteins, and that ultimately leads to better human health. Emerald Bio is a 2 privately owned company with facilities in Seattle and Boston. We support leading research institutes and commercial therapeutic and diagnostic companies worldwide.



Peter Pallai, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer


Emerald Bio:

Mary A. C. Fallon,

Communications Consultant for Emerald Bio


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