Bio Conscious Study Shows Diabits Predicts Blood Sugar Values 60-Minutes Into the Future

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bio Conscious Technologies Inc. (“Bio Conscious”) a Prevention-as-a-Service™ technology company using machine learning to predict and manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, is announcing that it has completed an in-house, in silico study to test its Diabits AI algorithm.

The study successfully demonstrated Diabits’ ability to predict blood sugar values 60-minutes into the future using simulated continuous glucose monitoring data. This is a dramatic improvement on the 20-minute prediction capabilities that leading continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) companies have achieved.

Diabits is an artificial intelligence-powered diabetes management app for people with type I and type II diabetes who use a CGM to monitor their daily blood sugar fluctuations.

“The ability to accurately predict glucose levels with the Diabits app helps users improve blood sugar management by increasing the time that they have to react. This enables proactive management of highs and lows to help them stay within a healthy glucose range for a longer time during the day and ultimately keep them healthier,” said Amir Hayeri, CEO of Bio Conscious. “Additionally, this information could be transmitted to a pump or a smart insulin pen to calculate the precise amount of insulin needed and the optimal time for injection. This can further minimize fluctuations and excursions beyond recommended glucose range.”

Maintaining daily blood sugar is imperative to maintaining the strength of the immune system. Data out of Italy showed that 35.5% of those who died from COVID-19 had Diabetes. The International Diabetes Federation reported that when people with diabetes develop a viral infection, it can be harder to treat due to fluctuations in blood glucose levels.

Details of the Study:

The study used the FDA-approved Padova simulator provided by the Epsilon Group. The study included 30 virtual patients, and measured the predictive accuracy of the Diabits algorithm. Each virtual patient was entirely unique, and represented a possible profile of a real Diabits user’s glucose metabolism.

The subjects were studied in four cohorts representing four distinct populations: adults with mixed hypoglycemia awareness, adults with impaired hypoglycemia awareness, pediatric patients with mixed hypoglycemia awareness and pediatric patients with impaired hypoglycemia awareness. Patients also had simulated behaviors related to diabetes management such as a randomized meal and insulin schedule based on the patient’s weight, age, and amount of insulin necessary based on carbs consumed. For each patient, a total of 360 days of blood glucose behavior was simulated and insulin-on-board and carbs-on-board information were recorded.

Two different blood sugar prediction models were trained and tested for each patient. The first model, Production, is the algorithm which is used in Diabits today.  The second model, ICE, is a more advanced version of Production which puts a more substantial weight on food, insulin, and exercise information. The results of the simulation showed that in general while the Production model is highly accurate, the ICE model will slightly outperform the Production model in most cases.

As a result of this study, the ICE model was implemented into Diabits. Today, if a user inputs food or insulin information, the ICE model will be automatically selected and used for that user’s predictions. If a user does not input this additional information, the Production model is automatically selected.

Bio Conscious will be releasing more detailed study results and data during the 80th Scientific Sessions: A Virtual Experience, hosted by the American Diabetes Association which begins on Friday, June 12 at 11:30 A.M. CT.

About Bio Conscious Technologies Inc.

Bio Conscious Technologies Inc. (“Bio Conscious”) is a Prevention-as-a-Service™ company focused on developing proprietary machine learning technology that analyzes glucose fluctuations in the body and their impact on metabolism. This enables preventive and personalized care for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and a wide range of other medical conditions. Bio Conscious is working toward a Novel Therapeutic (De Novo) designation from the FDA for the use of its preventive technology in diabetes. Learn more:

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