Bicoll GmbH Release: Innovative Fragment Library Concept Allows Identification of New Lead Compounds for Immediate Pre-Clinical Use

Published: Dec 07, 2011

Munich (Germany) – Dec-7, 2011 – BICOLL announced today that it has entered into a sales agreement with CRELUX, a high quality protein and crystallography service provider. The two companies will jointly market their new platform technology to identify a broad range of small active bio-molecules for further (pre-)clinical development. CRELUX will base the establishment of new targets for its fragment based screening services on BICOLL's unique proprietary small molecule natural product library BILOBAC N. BICOLL's pooled and fractionated small molecule collections derive from endemic Asian plants that have a proven track record in the identification of new lead compounds. Some of which have already entered preclinical development status.

The project is partially funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology through the Central Innovation Program SME (ZIM) which is a country-wide support measure open to all technologies and sectors. It is geared to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and collaborating research organisations closely aligned with business. The program offers small and medium-sized enterprises a reliable opportunity through 2013 to support their initiatives towards innovation.

“The development alliance between BICOLL and CRELUX already impressively proofed the concept to use a unique fragment library of plant ingredients for the identification of new protein-small molecule interactions. With BICOLL's natural compounds and fragments, development programs can be shortend and biological data can be achieved in the shortest time-frame possible further enabling rapid follow-up of any potential medicinal program. With BICOLL's selected collection, we will be able to add our exclusive targets and their small molecule interaction partners to our already well-established portfolio of protein structures”, commented Dr. Ismail Moarefi, CSO Crelux.

The joint research phase has started in 2011 and has already provided the first reproducable lead compounds. After structure elucidation of active compounds, crystallisation efforts leading to reliable co-crystals are on the way, too. The two partners will continue their research and optimization phase until 2013, but, driven by the convincing results, will start to offer their technology platform to third parties now.


: BICOLL is a biopharmaceutical company, offering pre-clinical support in the area of Drug Discovery from Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry. Dedicated to the discovery and optimization of the highest quality lead compounds, BICOLL provides an efficient, multi-disciplinary approach to drug discovery. With outstanding expertise in high tech natural product chemistry and validated experience in medicinal chemistry, BICOLL increases quality and quantity of the drug discovery pipeline of its partner's candidate portfolio.

The BICOLL Group provides its services to a number of international clients of various fields of interest, e.g. pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry. The BICOLL Group comprises two legal entities: BICOLL GmbH in Munich, Germany and BICOLL Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., P.R. China. Technology development, cooperation management and marketing are functions in Munich, while facilities for research and development are located in Shanghai. BICOLL currently employs 40 people at both locations.


CRELUX specializes in tailor made protein and protein crystallography drug discovery services. The company is a professional and dedicated service provider for the global pharma and biotech industry. CRELUX is a completely independent premium drug discovery service provider fully owned by its founders and directors. In our PRIME PROTEIN programs we are advancing innovations in protein expression to promote the availability of high quality proteins for use in assays, diagnostics and crystallization. Our XPRESS portfolio of readily available crystallographic targets grants turn- around times within a few weeks. Our XPERT crystallography services from concept to high resolution complex structure are provided under individual agreements following our customer’s needs. In addition we are offering end-to-end fragment based discovery services based on our unique screening technology INTRACT.

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