Bender MedSystems Release: Th17 Research Tools: FlowCytomix Multiple Analyte Detection

Published: Dec 15, 2008

Bender MedSystems announces the availability of FlowCytomix, bead-based immunoassays for Multiple Analyte Detection, for the quantitative detection of analytes related to Th17 research.

Human IL-17A, IL-22, IL-23, IL-6, TNF-alpha, and many more can be quantified simultaneously in cell culture supernatants, serum and plasma (IL-17A: serum and cell culture supernatants only). Following the convenient protocol, only 2 incubation steps have to be performed. The assays can be performed in filter plates, which are part of the package. Alternatively, a protocol for handling in tubes is also provided.

The FlowCytomix technology is designed to assay up to 20 analytes simultaneously from only 25┬Ál of sample. Researchers may choose from a variety of predesigned Multiplex Kits or create custom combinations. The assays can be run on most commercially available single or dual laser flow cytometers. The easy-to-use analysis software is complimentary and can be downloaded from along with sample raw data for various Multiplex Kits, so give it a try!

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