BellBrook Labs LLC Expands its Instrument Validation Program with BioTek Instruments, Inc. Partnership

Published: Aug 06, 2008

Madison, WI. – Aug 6th – BellBrook Labs, a leading provider of high throughput screening tools for the drug discovery industry, announced today that the BioTek Synergy™ 2 and Synergy™4, industry leading fluorescence polarization instruments are now validated for use with the Transcreener Platform.

BellBrook Labs has designed an instrument validation program in an effort to align the high standards of the Transcreener Assay with frequently used instrument platforms. The program is a part of a BellBrook initiative to maximize customer success with using Transcreener Assays as quickly and efficiently as possible. BellBrook scientists personally test each instrument line and are able to assure customers that the instrument will perform well with BellBrook’s far red FP assays across a broad range of specific criteria. BioTek Synergy™ 2 and 4 did meet the validation criteria and BellBrook now offers a detailed guideline for setting up and using the BioTek instrument specifically with Transcreener Assays.

(See for instrument validation criteria and to view the instrument guide.) “BellBrook’s primary goal is to accelerate the discovery of innovative new therapies for debilitating diseases. The Transcreenerâ Platform has already made a big impact by enabling our customers to screen a very diverse collection of promising, yet challenging targets,” Comments Robert Lowery, CEO of BellBrook Labs. “Making this capability broadly accessible requires straightforward implementation on the major instrument platforms, and our partnership with BioTek is a major step in this direction." About BioTek BioTek is a company exclusively focused on microplate instrumentation and offers a range of filter-based and monochromator-based multi-mode microplate readers. Both Synergy™ 2 and Synergy™ 4 use a high-performance filter-based detection system for fluorescence polarization measurements. BioTek Instruments, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of microplate instrumention and software. BioTek instrumentation is used to accelerate the drug discovery process and aid in the advancement of life science research. About BellBrook Labs BellBrook Labs provides the pharmaceutical industry with high throughput screening (HTS) tools that accelerate the discovery of effective therapies. In 2005, with the development of the Transcreener™ Assay Platform, BellBrook Labs introduced HTS methods into previously uncharted areas, allowing greater access to promising therapeutic, ADME and safety drug targets.

Data generated from these assays allow better prediction about how patients will respond to drugs and improve the business case for drug target testing and the development of new drug treatments. The full Transcreener Platform includes assays for ADP, AMP/GMP, GDP and UDP. Biology at Work Press Release / Story BioTek Synergy™ 2 and Synergy™4 Validated for Use with Transcreener Technology URL First Name Emily Last Name Triggs Email

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