BASF Invests in Supplyside West 2012 Education Program

PHOENIX (October 12, 2012) — VIRGO (, an information distribution company focused on the most innovative and complex business-to-business markets that fuel the U.S. and world economies, today announced the 2012 Education Program for its global expo and conference, SupplySide West, Sponsored by BASF Nutrition and Health.

“The opportunities have never been better. Consumers are hungry for healthy, convenient, delicious tasting, and sustainable nutritional products. To meet this demand, and do it well, requires being current on all facets that drive business,” said Samy Jandali, Vice President of Nutrition & Health North America for BASF Corporation.

Sponsored by BASF Nutrition & Health, SupplySide West 2012 Education Program will explore the most important dietary supplement, food and beverage, and cosmetic and personal care industry topics. “BASF is committed to sponsoring this education program because it lets us hear firsthand from scientific, government and marketing experts about topics that impact our industry,” added Jandali.

The Education Program includes more than 45 hours of education spanning three industry tracks organized under VIRGO’s leading brands: Natural Products INSIDER for dietary supplements, Food Product Design for food and beverage, and Cosmetics Insights for personal care and cosmetics. In addition, another 73 hours of education and training is available through an FDA Enforcement Update, a Marketing Insights Summit and several post-conference workshops on probiotics, omega-3 and aloe.

“With a focus on hot topics like food safety, clinical trials, regulatory compliance, cosmetic formulation, marketing and more, our education program will be serving thousands of attendees across the health and nutrition marketplace,” said John Siefert, Chief Executive Officer at VIRGO.

About BASF

BASF is one of the most important partners for the global food, beverage, and dietary supplement industry combining world-class science with a deep understanding of market needs. As a result of that combination, we do not only offer a broad range of high-quality vitamins, carotenoids, functional and food ingredients, or process aids, but also ready-to-market product concepts that meet the desires of consumers today and tomorrow

"Think Newtrition™" represents our commitment to a fruitful dialogue with you — the experts and opinion leaders of the food, beverage and dietary supplement market segments. This dialogue will allow us to identify essential demands, and to develop new ideas, concepts and solutions for successful products that meet producer, retailer and consumer demands all over the world — including diverse cultures and eating preferences. To this end, BASF has formed a powerful team committed to working with you to add quality — across the whole value chain and to peoples’ lives.

About SupplySide West

For more than 15 years, the SupplySide brand franchise has helped industry professionals find information to explore, discover, innovate and market their next best-selling products. “In SupplySide’s continued quest to serve the educational needs of the food, beverage, supplement and personal care markets, we are thrilled to see the number of attendees already registered for our 2012 SupplySide West Education Program,” added Siefert.

With nearly 12,000 attendees and 1,500+ booths, SupplySide West brings together the suppliers and buyers that drive the dietary supplement, food, beverage, personal care and cosmetic marketplace. Executive management, R&D, QA/QC and marketing leadership will explore and discover innovation from around the globe to develop the next product. The SupplySide West 2012 Global Expo and Conference will be held Nov. 5 through 9 at the Venetian & Sands Expo in Las Vegas. For more information, visit

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