Avita Medical Release: ReNovaCell Skin Regeneration Technology Improves Pigmentation And Appearance Of Scars

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - April 20, 2016) -

  • Various surgeons presented a range of successful cases using ReNovaCell™ for scar revision, flap reconstruction, rhinophyma, vitiligo, and acne scarring amongst others
  • Clinical data shows ReNovaCell™ provides significant improvements in pigmentation of hypopigmented scars
  • A major dermatology hospital group are adopting ReNovaCell™ technology in China, where there is a prevalence of more than 12 million vitiligo cases
  • In France, a surgeon who is a long time user of the approach categorized it as "reliable & safe" and a "21st century one-step skin reconstruction"

Repigmentation and scar revision by using ReNovaCell ™ can be significantly enhanced if used in conjunction with other mainstream cosmetic surgical techniques, according to an array of findings from leading aesthetic surgeons, Avita Medical said today.

Top clinicians from the aesthetic sector gathered at the University of Cambridge for Avita Medical's 4th Annual Skin Regeneration Symposium (SRS), and a session called 'RESTORE' focused on the treatment of complex wounds, challenging scars and pigmentation disorders and how successful treatments can have meaningful impact on patient's lives. Much of the session -- attended by 140 experts -- dealt with specific surgical techniques, and achieving optimal results, based on a treating diverse range of patients from different territories.

Dr Matthias Aust, Malteser Hospital, Germany, spoke of his work on treating scars with a combination of ReNovaCell™ and medical needling, which he found to be more appropriate than using lasers and other ablative procedures. Needling triggered collagen production and healing, he said, in a presentation that included photographic and statistical evidence of superior outcomes.

"Data from a prospective study of 20 patients with hypopigmented scars showed that one year out, only those patients treated with needling and ReNovaCell™ showed significant improvements in pigmentation," he said, adding that these findings would shortly be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Preliminary data on optimal wound bed preparation was presented by Dr Annelies Lommerts, from the internationally-renowned Netherlands Institute of Pigment Disorders, who compared various laser pre-treatment techniques on a 10-patient group of sufferers of vitiligo and piebaldism. Her data showed that ReNovaCell™ was effective in repigmenting with CO2 lasers at a lower setting (150mJ vs 200mJ), indicating a more non-invasive approach to a wound bed is possible. Dr ZhongPing Meng, the Borun Group, reported that there are more than 12 million vitiligo sufferers in China, and explained that 10 of the 23 clinics run by his skincare chain had started using ReNovaCell™ for vitiligo.

Speaking on his experience of using Avita's autologous skin cell suspension approach on scores of patients over the past decade, Dr Jean Michel Rives, Clinique des Champs Elysée, categorised the approach as "reliable and safe".

"It really is 21st century one-step skin reconstruction," Dr Rives said. "We have incorporated ReNovaCell™ into our standard protocol for all reconstructive surgery we do. And there are many more indications in which this treatment could be used that have not yet been explored."

Mr Jeremy Rawlins, Consultant at Royal Perth Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital, Australia, explained that ReNovaCell™ held a deserved place within a surgeon's toolkit, and presented on a range of cases -- scar revision, flap reconstruction, rhinophyma and vitiligo among them. Also from Australia, Dr Shobhan Manoharan, of Brisbane Skin, shared his experience in treating acne scars. "We treated a patient with ablative laser followed by ReNovaCell™ and the wound healed much quicker than expected and pigment was partially restored," he said. "The device is a good addition to our armamentarium -- a lot of my patients are time poor so if I can speed up their downtime this benefits everyone."

Dr Robert Manton, Charing Cross Hospital, reported on the case of an 85-year-old British patient,
acute pretibial laceration who was otherwise healthy, independent and mobile. Her wound was debrided and treated with ReNovaCell™ under local anaesthesia, avoiding a risky general anaesthetic. She was discharged on the same day, with only a small donor site.

"Three weeks post-treatment the wound had decreased by a quarter of its size, with a 75% reduction at five weeks," Dr Manton said. "The patient was extremely pleased with the results and was able to continue living independently throughout her treatment."


140 experts from around the world attended the 4th Annual Skin Regeneration Symposium (SRS), which explored the latest advancements in skin repair, regeneration and restoration and the impact this has on patients. Keynote presentations were delivered by international experts from the fields of burns, trauma, chronic wounds and aesthetics during the two-day session at the University of Cambridge's Moller Centre, April 12-13.

The educational event, hosted by Avita, provided a forum to showcase research and present robust clinical evidence of Avita's pioneering ReCell® technology, supporting Avita's commercialization drive, by providing the data required by medical professionals and regulatory authorities, as well as drawing from Avita's clinical bibliography of more than 60 abstracts and peer-reviewed publications. In recent months, the Company has published positive data from randomized trials in the areas of pigmentation and venous leg ulcers, while an FDA-approval trial in burns has just completed enrolment.


Avita Medical develops and distributes regenerative products for the treatment of a broad range of wounds, scars and skin defects. Avita's patented and proprietary collection and application technology provides innovative treatment solutions derived from a patient's own skin. The Company's regenerative product portfolio includes ReCell® for burns aimed at plastic reconstructive procedures, ReGenerCell™ for chronic wounds and ReNovaCell™ of restoration of pigmentation and cosmesis. ReCell®, ReGenerCell™ and ReNovaCell™ are patented, CE-marked for Europe. ReCell® is TGA-registered in Australia, and CFDA-cleared in China. In the United States, ReCell® is an investigational device limited by federal law to investigational use, and a pivotal U.S. trial is well underway aimed at securing FDA approval.

To learn more, visit www.avitamedical.com.

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