arGentis Pharmaceuticals, LLC Acquires Rights to Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy Entering Phase I Clinical Trial; Partnering with University of Tennessee And Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Published: Nov 12, 2009

MEMPHIS, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--arGentis Pharmaceuticals, LLC today announced that it will collaborate with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Memphis (VAMC) to initiate the first human clinical evaluation of an oral altered peptide ligand (APL), ARG301, in a Phase I study of Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. ARG301 is a synthetic peptide, which in animal studies appears to down regulate autoimmunity to Type II collagen (CII), a known autoantigen in RA. Investigators at the UTHSC and Memphis VAMC developed the therapy and have received a Clinical Merit Review Grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct the trial.

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