Are You a Brand Or a Mouse?

Published: Feb 02, 2012

Are You a Brand Or a Mouse? By Erin Kennedy, Certified Professional Resume Writer

In this day and age when employers can go online and find out virtually anything about you, it’s imperative that you think of yourself as more than just a job seeker. You might have to think of yourself as a brand and do some online reputation management.

Google – the largest search engine in the world – recently announced that they are changing the way search works. They’re calling their new product Search plus Your World.

Essentially, what it boils down to is that Google is rolling its search service into its social service, Google+, and creating a personalized experience for every searcher. Now, what’s that got to with your reputation? Everything!

By setting yourself up with a Google+ profile, you can virtually brand yourself online, which could give you a leg up on your job seeking competition. With a Google+ profile that is linked to your personal website, a Facebook page, an active LinkedIn presence, and a Twitter account, you can stretch your fingers and your mind out globally and become a personal brand. How you manage that could be the difference between a job or the unemployment line.

Furthermore, it could make a difference in your salary.

Employers today are looking for people who are Web savvy. If you understand current technology well enough to be a user, then you could be setting yourself up for the future, which is always a good thing.

Online branding is as important today for job seekers as it is for the companies who will be hiring them. Manage your online reputation and you’ll have a rewarding career.

About the Author

Erin Kennedy, CPRW, CERW, BS/HR, is a Certified Professional & Executive Resume Writer/Career Consultant, and the President of Professional Resume Services, Inc., home to some of the best resume writers on the planet. She is a nationally published writer and contributor of 10+ best-selling career books. She has achieved international recognition following yearly nominations and wins of the prestigious T.O.R.I. (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award. Erin has written thousands of resumes for executives and professionals.

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