Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies Release: Allegra Dry Syrup 5% Launches In Japan

Bridgewater, NJ–February 19, 2015–Sanofi K.K. has announced that Allegra® Dry Syrup 5% has launched in Japan. This new formulation of fexofenadine HCI was the result of a codevelopment partnership between Sanofi K.K. and Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies.

Allegra® Dry Syrup 5% is indicated for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, urticaria, and pruritus associated with dermal disorders such as eczema/dermatitis, pruritus cutaneous, and atopic dermatitis.

By employing the use of Microcaps® Taste Masking Technology, Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies successfully masked the taste of the bitter API—delivering a formulation with a pleasant taste in a dosage form that features white granules that can be sprinkled on easy-toswallow foods to further improve convenience of administration. This formulation can be used with or without the need for water or mixed into a liquid suspension. Microcaps® is a proprietary technology that provides complete and uniform encapsulation of drug particles in a polymeric membrane of adjustable thickness. It can be applied to crystals, drug-layered beads, or granules and can be combined with pore-former technology to ensure rapid release in the stomach while maintaining effective taste masking to ensure palatability.

Allegra® Dry Syrup 5% is an appropriate alternative to the tablet formulation for pediatric patients and adult patients who have difficulty swallowing.

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