Applied Data Research Release: Evolving Technology Targeting Drug Delivery at the Cellular Level

Published: Feb 04, 2008

(Nashua, NH) - The ability to deliver drugs to specific cells has long been regarded as the next major milestone in drug therapeutics. Targeting drugs to the cellular level is expected to minimize drug side effects, expand their use and improve patient outcomes. Patient compliance remains a major obstacle to improving the clinical outcomes of efficacious drugs. While a number of factors contribute to compliance issues, avoidance of drug side effects is known to be a key determinant.

More than thirty companies are now working to develop targeted delivery methods that pinpoint specific cells. Most of these approaches rely on the use of ligands capable of binding to cell surface receptors preferentially expressed on targeted cells. Other promising technologies include target-cell activation and energy activation of a localized drug.

Responding to the unpleasant and even debilitating side effects associated with cancer drug therapeutics, the majority of targeted drug delivery efforts in development have oncology drugs as their focus. While the current generation of targeted delivery platforms is designed for adaptability to a range of drugs, the degree of tailoring required is still somewhat significant. We expect clinical experience to enable optimized versions of several platforms that will reduce time-to-market going forward.

These and other conclusions are the subject of a comprehensive report. The report documents and analyzes the results of a recent assessment of the evolving targeted drug delivery sector conducted by Applied Data Research. More information is also available at .

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