Aphios International Launches Crowdfunding for Groundbreaking CFI Technology for Convalescent Plasma

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Aphios International announces the launch of a crowdfunding campaign, Virus-Free Blood: Our Best Defense for Fighting Disease (https://tinyurl.com/y4fojsb3). Funds raised will be used support the development of groundbreaking pathogen inactivation technology, called Critical Fluid Inactivation (CFI). Our technology can help provide “convalescent plasma” to treat those in need of antibodies that can fight diseases, such as COVID-19. Aphios International is crowdfunding via the Sound Affects platform to raise both funds and awareness about its pathogen inactivation technology.

Human blood plasma is our most important "biologic" or defense for fighting disease. We cannot survive without healthy blood plasma. Nor can we offer our blood to others in need if our own blood is infected with harmful viruses. Our most vulnerable patients, such as cancer patients who suffer from chemo-related anemia, depend on clean blood. So too, as Covid-19 infections persist, the need for "clean" blood is in high demand. Those who successfully overcame Covid-19 infection have valuable disease-fighting antibodies circulating in their blood that could be offered to others who are struggling to survive this infection.

Yet blood transfusions come with the serious risk of passing on unintended live viruses. The current techniques to remove viruses include chemicals, radiation, heat and detergents. These approaches are not entirely effective for removing all types of viruses. Some even require a multi-steps process to remove unwanted carcinogenic residue derived from the virus-removal procedure itself. A better approach for inactivating pathogens in the blood is critical and urgent.

Aphios International specializes in the development of products that inactivate pathogens through physical disruption. Dr. Trevor P, Castor, CEO, Aphios and inventor of the technology statesOur approach is purely physical. It utilizes SuperFluids™ to permeate and inflate the virus particles under pressure. We quickly decompress these particles causing the viruses to rupture at their weakest points. Our technology is simple, safe and effective in delivering convalescent blood that is virus-free, while desired immune proteins remain intact and active. Importantly, our approach could be impactful in developing countries where access to traditional blood-cleaning agents are in limited supply.”

About Sound Affects: Sound Affects (www.soundaffects.org), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, mission is to address the severe funding gap that remains for innovators who are developing promising technologies for fighting cancer, and to increase the number of cancer-fighting technologies in the product development pipeline.

About Aphios Corporation: Aphios (www.aphios.com) is an emerging growth biotechnology company developing green enabling technology platforms to improve drug discovery, manufacturing, nanotechnology drug delivery and pathogenic safety. Based on these platforms, we are developing enhanced therapeutics to improve quality-of-life and treat chronic diseases such as prostate and pancreatic cancers, infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, influenza and coronavirus, and Central and Peripheral Nervous System disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain and Opioid Addiction in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Research on CFI is being partially funded by Phase II SBIR Grant No. 4R44HL137605-02 from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). The content of this press release is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of NHLBI and the NIH.


Trevor P. Castor, Ph.D., CEO
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Source: Aphios International

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